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Workforce training made better

Training your workforce doesn’t need to be painful. No more clunky authoring tools and dated, desktop based learning. eduMe helps you deliver the training when and where your workforce need it.


Quickly create effective learning content

Our content creation tool will transform the way you build training. The super-light, microlearning format minimises text but maximises the impact - using images and videos for compelling, engaging content.

Quick to create
Easy to use
Powerful content
Dedicated support


Easily deliver learning content to any device

Deliver eduMe courses straight to any of your team members' devices, or schedule delivery for when it suits them. Your people will get the information that’s relevant to them, when they need it.

Where we work is changing - fast.
80% of the global workforce work remotely for at least part of their time. 2.7 billion people are deskless.

See how your workforce are progressing

Graphical data is displayed real-time and lets you see completion rates, pass rates on courses, individual or team performance, and drill down to specific question scores.


Create more of what works, improve what doesn’t

By tracking the results of your courses and users you can monitor the most popular lessons and create more of those, or improve lessons that have low completion or high failure rate.

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