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EduMe is an easy to use cloud-based learning platform  

Designed for mobile. Works on all devices

We decided to offer driver-partners the opportunity to start driving with Uber faster, in a scalable way without increasing support costs. Having seen the results in Johannesburg, we’re now working with EduMe in multiple markets
— Kylie Joseph, Operations and Logistics Manager, Uber

We're different

A microlearning platform designed for mobile that works across all devices

We make it incredibly easy for you to create and deliver training 

And we make it just as easy to learn


Create great microlearning content

Our modern Learning Management System makes it easy for you to deliver bespoke microlearning courses that follow our unique mobile learning design principles: short, relevant and continuous. Our reporting tools allow you to track progress and completion, so you can easily connect these to key business metrics.


Reach your learners anytime, anywhere

Your learners will develop their skills through bite-sized pieces of learning. They will also receive snappy updates on campaigns, products and learning opportunities. This combination of training and communication drives knowledge retention and behaviour change, allowing you to meet your business goals.  


What do our users think?



“I found it very easy to use - it wasn’t boring! Not like reading a book - it was interactive. Nicely done because it was in snippets.”

Jane D / Sales Representative


Easy to use

“It was great, easy and straightforward, made me very excited to start my driving journey.”

Uber Driver-Partner


Would recommend

“This is the best online learning environment I have ever come across. User friendly.”

Uber Driver-Partner


Some of the ways EduMe is used


Onboarding & Induction

The transportation innovator Uber is using EduMe as a reliable, cost-effective solution for getting new Driver-Partners up to speed. This allows Uber to scale faster without increasing support costs.

Read the case study to find out more. 


Customer Experience

We're helping the on-demand delivery service Rappi train their customer care agents so they can maintain high quality as they grow.

Learn more here.



EduMe allows the solar power company M-KOPA to deliver accessible training to its front-line salesforce, providing them with the skills and information they need to successfully engage with customers.

Learn more here.


Product Knowledge

Our solution allows the telecom and media company Tigo to deliver bite-sized training and updates on products and campaigns to its vast distribution network of agents and retailers.


... and it works equally well for Partner, Channel and Customer training, Best Practice Sharing, Safety & Quality training, Compliance training and more


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