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Mobile Onboarding & Training for your On-Demand/Gig Workforce

Give your gig and on-demand workforce the knowledge they need to succeed, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Used by over 1 Million Gig Workers Worldwide
Mobile first

No more face-to-face, go mobile

Training in the gig economy can be easy. Your on-demand workforce don’t want to be talked at in a room, they want to be out there earning. Give them more time to do what earns them - and you - money. Deliver training when they need it, not just when you can.

$5,000 saved on average per worker when switching from F2F training to mobile.

Case Study: Uber

Working with Uber, we have achieved a 13% reduction in onboarding time, an 8% rise in productivity, and a 30% deceased driver activation time.


Get people onboarded instantly

Send onboarding training and information straight to a contractor’s phone. They can quickly engage with videos and quizzes to be rapidly onboarded, at scale. Our seamless links technology gives passwordless access whilst still retaining individual insights data.

50% increase in employee retention with a proper onboarding program


Plug skill gaps when it’s needed

If you’re seeing poor performance, bad ratings or just a lack of consistency in your contractors, they might need retraining. eduMe lets you send refresher content to certain groups of under-performers to get them back operating at the level they should be.

20% higher information retention with short form learning

Join over 1 Million people enjoying success with eduMe

There’s a reason industry leaders trust us to measure, maintain and improve their Workforce Success. We’ve got the industry experience - over a million gig workers aren’t wrong.


Let your teams know what’s going on

Send important messages instantly with text, images or video. Your on-demand workforce will have immediate access to business updates, news and polices as soon as they need it.

98% of users would recommend eduMe to a colleague

Workforce Safety

Keep people safe by improving behaviour

Your entire workforce can be updated instantly with industry & regulation changes. You can send regular reminders about anything such as route planning, customer service, driver safety or fatigue management. It will keep your workforce successful and your customers safe.

7% improvement in ratings after Uber switched to eduMe

The State of Training in the On-Demand Industry: 2022 Report

We surveyed 500+ operations managers and workers at on-demand companies to compile this unique state of the industry report.