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Leading US food delivery platform Grubhub needed to deliver educational materials to drivers in a more resonant, user-friendly way that boosted understanding and increased activity on the platform. 

With an original goal of delivering more digestible onboarding content, Grubhub partnered with eduMe to optimize their processes and improve driver performance. They saw: 

  • 60% increase in driver product adoption
  • 15% increase in start rates*
  • 17.5% increase in first 30 day deliveries*
  • 15% increase in hours worked*
  • 2% reduction in order cancellations
  • 2% fewer contacts per order

*for drivers who complete multiple eduMe courses



eduMe really opened up our opportunities when it comes to educating drivers

David Grinstead, Driver Acquisition, Value & Safety

Grubhub's challenge

Grubhub’s previous solution required account creation to access material. This caused digital friction that deterred drivers from accessing courses, negatively impacting engagement rates and limiting workforce knowledge levels.  

You could send an email with a link to a lesson, but then that driver had to sign up for an account and go through a fairly involved process to access that.

Their existing tool also did not allow the company to sufficiently break information down or drip-feed content over a consistent, extended period of time. This meant drivers were overwhelmed with more information than needed to start, disincentivizing them from progressing.

An introductory lesson that covers every single thing you might ever experience on the Grubhub Platform before you've ever even logged into the app for the first time is not an ideal experience, it's too much information.

Due to the quantity of information shared and difficulty accessing it, fewer drivers were making it past onboarding, and existing drivers weren’t using the platform as effectively as they could be. 

eduMe's solution

eduMe allowed Grubhub to deliver passwordless access to learning content in bite-sized chunks, in an ongoing manner, and across multiple, driver-optimized touch points. 

eduMe was brought in to provide the opportunity to continuously provide learning content to our driver pool. Not just box it into that introductory application phase

By drip-feeding helpful materials continuously from onboarding throughout a drivers’ lifecycle, in both a proactive, targeted and passive, self-serve manner, Grubhub was able to enhance performance around specific initiatives and build a culture of learning. 

Increased onboarding conversions and driver quality

Not only was Grubhub able to improve the volume of drivers converting through their onboarding funnel, but they improved drivers’ productivity and quality of service, with fewer customer complaints logged over a greater number of hours worked.  

Passwordless access across multiple surfaces 

With eduMe, Grubhub adopted a multi-pronged approach to educational content delivery. As well as directing drivers to lessons via in-app notifications, Grubhub utilized eduMe’s third party integration with Braze to embed onboarding content into targeted email flows to proactively reach their driver base with knowledge.

Braze logo website

Braze allows you to slice and dice driver populations that you’re going to be sending communications to. And eduMe integrates nicely with that in that we can link to lessons

This was complemented with a ‘pull’ style of educational content via Grubhub’s ‘Learninghub,’ a branded eduMe Knowledge Hub that created a dedicated home for learning within Grubhub’s driver app, available for drivers to consult at 24/7, at their convenience. 

It's a place where we can store all of the educational content that we think would be interesting or useful to a driver and then they can access that at their leisure. all that information is there waiting for them to access as needed.

Adoption of new products and services

Beyond onboarding new drivers, Grubhub used eduMe to deliver ongoing, market-specific educational materials to relevant driver segments. This provided drivers with the knowledge on how to successfully implement new features and services, to better meet customer needs and improve satisfaction.

Diverse, engaging content formats

Grubhub utilized eduMe's Guides feature to create concise, context-specific lessons that visually broke down a set of actions drivers should follow to achieve something.

Guides are very similar to what I see on TikTok videos or Instagram stories

Grubhub combined eduMe Guides with first-person video walkthroughs to offer a dynamic, real-world perspective that made multi-stepped or complex tasks easier to grasp. Drivers could see the steps acted out, enhancing their understanding and confidence in performing deliveries efficiently and accurately.


The results

eduMe is a great, easy way to get information you need people to know in front of those people

Following the roll out of content via eduMe, Grubhub has seen approximately a 15% uplift in start rates, i.e., an increase in the number of applicants who complete a first trip. Additionally, the company saw an increase in first 30 day deliveries, indicative of greater confidence and motivation among eduMe-onboarded drivers. 

Across the board we’ve seen a 10-20% increase in a lot of those metrics from drivers that regularly access lessons

And, since using Guides on eduMe to distribute knowledge around new features via email and in-app, Grubhub has seen marked behavior change among drivers who engaged with eduMe content versus their peers control groups.

Individuals that engaged with content shared on a delivery feature the company was piloting were 60% more likely to use the feature than peers who did not complete material, highlighting the impact easy access to engaging training had on driving adoption of features in-product.   

Seeing more drivers who access materials then utilizing a feature is what my team would want to see

Finally, there was a general uptick in productivity, as well as fewer negative customer interactions with the app, with a 15% increase in hours worked, 2% reduction in order cancellations and a 1-2% reduction in customer contacts, pointing to improved delivery quality workforce-wide. 

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