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Onboard, Train and Retain your Frontline Retail Workforce

Allow more of your new joiners to become productive in less time. Increase the quality of their work, setting a base for future performance improvements and higher retention.

Earn back time
Traditional onboarding delays productivity. Get people operational faster while maintaining quality.
Set a gold standard
Standardize the process to avoid discrepancies in knowledge levels between new hires.
Ensure excellence remotely
Reverse poor attendance, high dropout and low engagement by meeting people on their terms.


Using eduMe’s one-stop, scalable onboarding and training solution, grocery service Gopuff reduced time to productivity by 26%

Win them over from Day One

Onboarding is a make or break moment in the hiring cycle. Hook new hires with a memorable, concise onboarding experience that covers the A-Zs and anticipates questions before they can even think to ask them. 

Scale and automate operations

Reduce trainer headcount and deliver vital training that meets internal standards and makes a real difference to an infinite number of new hires, across infinite outlets. 

Minimize churn

Unimpressed hires are hires at risk of churn. Grab and hold their attention with high velocity training that not only lands, but sticks, standing them in good stead for weeks and months to come.



Author content simply

Admins can fire up eduMe fresh-eyed and create engaging content within hours that incorporates quizzes, videos and more, to improve knowledge retention and new hires’ performance from the get go. No tech-savviness needed.


Send in bulk at the click of a button

Localize assets in any language required then use our open API and seamless integrations to deploy training to whoever needs it, whenever they need it, in moments.


Test for quality assurance

You’re only as good as your weakest link. Implement Assessments at the end of your onboarding courses and access real time data to make sure low performers don’t slip through the net.

How to Retain Your Retail Employees: The Ultimate Guide

Download this guide to find out how best to retain your retail employees.