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Onboard, train and retain your frontline retail workforce

Give your workers the skills and knowledge they need to provide an excellent customer experience, without having to leave the shop floor.

Equip your staff to tackle loss prevention

Leverage immersive, scenario-based training to prepare your staff to handle any situation, from preventing theft to managing difficult customer interactions.

Reduce no shows

Hook new hires before they've even started with easy-to-complete preboarding and onboarding content integrated into your ATS.

Use immersive, social-inspired formats to get them engaged and ready for their first shift.

Spend less time training, and more time serving customers

Training that's accessed via the tools your workforce uses, or through a QR code placed where required to be completed quickly whilst in the flow of work.

Curated knowledge hubs for easy access to all training needs, whether it's a priority, to be completed at will or revisited. 

Ensure consistency of service

Standardize and personalize your training as needed with scalable content delivery based on your existing employee data.

Share knowledge across teams to ensure your customers receive exceptional service, whichever branch they go to.

Check out these sample Guides

Guides can be used to give highly visual, social media style training for whatever use cases you required; onboarding, upskilling, product knowledge, team communication & many more...

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11 Steps

How to Provide a Great Personal Shopping Experience

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10 Steps

Providing a Great Customer Experience

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15 Steps

How to Lift Objects Safely

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27 Steps

How to use the Coffee Machine

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Confidence comes from being knowledgeable about what they’re talking about, their love of the industry. eduMe is at the center of that.

Theresa Micheli
Senior Manager Store Operations, Pet Supermarket

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