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Increase productivity with relevant knowledge at the point of need

Equip your workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to perform at their best by providing easy access to the relevant information at the point of need.

A highly skilled workforce
Providing opportunities for growth and development continuously bridges skill gaps to secure competitive advantage
Productivity optimization
Equip your people with critical company/site-specific information on the optimum processes & techniques for their work
Local know-how
Provide personalized, location specific knowledge to empower employees to perform at their best, wherever they are
Uber uses eduMe globally to provide impactful ongoing training that has led to an 8% rise in productivity and increased partner ratings
Quick & easy

Create quickly, share at scale

Effortless and intuitive content creation that can be done on the spot. Simply capture & upload video & images, create & edit with text, links, stickers & drawing tools, and then share with learners where they are, all on your mobile. 

The recognizable video capturing and editing tools makes content creation straightforward and accessible for all, while admins can still review content before it’s published.

A fully customizable experience so you can ensure brand consistency. 

Democratize learning

Empower the frontline to share their knowledge

When it comes to how things work day-to-day, no one understands it better than those on the ground. Everyone can be a creator, especially local teams with unique experiences to share. 

Give your frontline workforce the tool to share their knowledge with their peers. With eduMe you can democratize content creation, give workers in the day-to-day operations the power to share their knowledge and expertise.

Assessments & quizzes

Ensure knowledge is understood & retained

Include assessments and quizzes in your lessons to monitor understanding and performance of the learning content. 

Keep learners engaged and interacting with learning, with an assessment or quiz the learner has to understand the content so they can progress. 

Easy to setup and fully customizable with multiple text & media options. 

Hear how FYLD increased their workforce productivity

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