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Elevate productivity with disruption-free training

Give your workers the skills and knowledge they need to perform at their best, without taking them away from their work.

A highly skilled workforce
Providing opportunities for growth and development continuously bridges skill gaps to secure competitive advantage.
Productivity optimization
Equip your people with critical company/site-specific information on the optimum processes & techniques for their work.
Local know-how
Provide personalized, location specific knowledge to empower employees to perform at their best, wherever they are.

Show, don't tell

Break down complex processes into simple steps and leverage the power of short form video to help learners grasp information quickly and effectively.

Only give them what they need to know

Don't leave your learners to sift through content. Create personalized learning hubs that are specific to your learners, serving up hyper-relevant knowledge that can be applied immediately.

Meet them where they are

Ensure that training is easily accessible at the point of need, without having to leave the floor. Swap failed logins and shared computers for seamless QR codes and integrated tech.

Results our customers have seen


reduction in time to productivity


rise in productivity

2 min

average lesson completion time

If you're looking for something that can move the needle on these crucial metrics, eduMe certainly returned the investment we made several times over.

Sriram Trikutam 

Sriram Trikutam
Director of Growth Operations, Via

Our objective was to improve the productivity of our sales agents - eduMe has enabled us to achieve this.

Patty Gomez 

Patty Gomez
Frontline Sales Manager, Tigo

Hear how FYLD increased their workforce productivity

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