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McCoy’s Building Supply, a multi-state U.S. retailer selling lumber, building supplies and farm and ranch equipment, needed to digitize their paper-based training. This was made more urgent by the company's growth plans. Paper-based training could not be tracked or scaled, two limitations that would become increasingly problematic for McCoy's as they grew. 

McCoys’ requirements from a new tool did not stop at digitization. Having recently rolled out Workday, the company was also looking for a system that connected with their HCM. This was so that all employee training records were available for the team to access in Workday, rather than split across different tools, or not logged at all.

Since using eduMe’s Workday-certified training integration to put training in employees’ hands, McCoy’s has seen: 

95% training completion rate

94% learner satisfaction

McCoy's’s challenge

With 86 stores, 2 distribution centers and a decentralized workforce of 3,500 scattered across 3 states, McCoy’s had outgrown delivering employee compliance training in-person, via paper printouts. 

Having safety training shared by hand, and completion tracked manually, made it difficult for the company to reach every worker every time. It also made it difficult to easily locate historical records that documented training completion by driver. 

They were doing it on paper and just sending out a PDF and a sign -off sheet. When it comes to what our legal department needs, trying to get that paper document was a little bit difficult. 

Jason Trail, Training and Development Manager, McCoy’s Building Supply

With no way to make sure drivers received and read information  distributed this way, and no way to understand their comprehension levels, the company put themselves at risk of non-compliance. 

eduMe's solution

In eduMe McCoys was met with a way to transform binders of physical handouts into tappable, engaging micro lessons that drivers could access flexibly from their mobile devices, and that was connected to Workday, their centralized store of people data. 

eduMe’s solution tackled pain felt by workers and company simultaneously. For workers, eduMe provided easy, round-the-clock access to social media-style training. For McCoy’s, eduMe  AI streamlined internal processes (like training creation), and gave their team at HQ peace of mind from a compliance perspective. 

But how did McCoy’s leverage eduMe’s frontline training tool to improve drivers’ training experience, and their in-house team's ability to build, share and track training?

McCoy's Three-Step Strategy for Higher Training Engagement 

AI-powered training digitization

McCoy’s used eduMe’s AI tools to upcycle their text-heavy training files into a more engaging format. eduMe’s file-to-microlesson converter enabled them to digitally transform their training into bite-sized microlearning in seconds, simply by dragging a file from their desktop. 

We like eduMe AI because we can take documents we were using, pop them in there, and generate a course really quickly. We can get a course out quickly to everybody in a matter of minutes versus days or weeks. 

Not only did eduMe AI allow McCoy's to digitize their paper-based training in record time and at a significantly lower cost, they were able to extract value from existing materials which spared the McCoy’s team from having to build training from scratch in an empty tool.  

PDF Converter - McCoys

Expanding training touchpoints beyond Workday

Once McCoy’s had their new microlessons ready to share, they gave workers more than one way to reach the training content. By applying a multi-channel strategy, McCoy’s made sure training was seen and completed across their workforce. 

We struggle with communication. So the ability to send a text message directly to the employee has been a big improvement.

One way McCoy’s made sure training did not get lost was to share it with workers via SMS, which they knew drivers would check. 

DeliveryMethods_SMS (1)

McCoy’s supported training sent via SMS with additional touchpoints. Drivers could also access training through scannable QR codes that McCoy's printed and dotted strategically around the worksite. This supported contextual in-the-moment learning needs, for example 'forklift tips' for forklift operation.

Multiple data sources in one dashboard

Though McCoy’s provided routes into training through channels that were external to Workday’s HCM, eduMe’s Workday integration ensured that no matter where training took place, training data was captured and returned to Workday’s system. 

This allowed McCoy’s to evaluate training uptake, performance by region, and other relevant metrics within their primary system of record - Workday’s learning dashboard. By receiving insights where they needed to, in one centralized view, McCoy’s team were able to streamline processes and win back time. 

The results

Since partnering with eduMe to launch engaging training synced with their HCM, McCoy’s has been able to significantly improve training participation among employees. This has come alongside greater enjoyment of training among drivers, leading to improved learning outcomes.

Through eduMe’s Workday integration, McCoy’s were able to expand training access options beyond Workday. By increasing the number of touchpoints across which drivers could find and drop into training, training became more visible where it was easier for drivers to access it. The result of this was an increase in engagement with training, with driver training completion rates increasing to 95% - a figure just 5% shy of 100% and 3x higher than industry benchmarks.

We use Workday for pretty much everything. Everybody's using the Workday app on their phones at the stores to clock in and out. With eduMe it’s really been easy for the stores to just click on the link, do the course, and then we have recorded learning back in Workday.

Additionally, once employees were able to access training, eduMe’s short-form, social media-esque formats resonated with McCoys’ on-the-go driver population. 94% of McCoys’ 3,000+ workforce preferred to complete training that was presented to them in this way.

Importantly, McCoy's achieve the above  while maintaining connection to Workday, so that they could more easily track training completion and impact, two things crucial for the company from a compliance perspective. 

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