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Great customer experience starts with your employees

Give your workers the knowledge they need to provide exceptional service and boost brand loyalty.

Improve customer interactions with immersive experiences

Simulate engaging role-play activities where customer-facing employees can learn and practice in a risk-free setting. 

Fill CX gaps with automated learning flows

Received a poor customer service rating?  Automatically send your team a quick refresher course to boost performance.

Spend less time training and more time with customers

Provide instant access to bitesize training, within the flow of work. Use QR codes around the workplace, trigger email or SMS notifications, or integrate into your existing tech.

Results our customers have seen


increase in quality of service


fewer hours spent training


learner satisfaction score

Theresa Micheli

Confidence comes from being knowledgeable about what they're talking about, their love of the industry. eduMe is at the center of that.

Theresa Micheli
Senior Manager Store Operations, Pet Supermarket

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