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Ensure Workforce Safety & Compliance

Create a safe, compliant and respectful environment by ensuring that your workforce understand and implement relevant procedures and best practices.

Meet benchmarks
Enforce a clear implementation plan and boost engagement to ensure safety processes & procedures are done right.
Relay the latest
Provide regular refreshers and certification to keep up with changing regulations and circumstances.
Improve behavior
By increasing awareness around proper conduct, your people are less liable to inadvertently break rules.
One leading North American Logistics company saw injuries reduced by 26% and $60,000 saved following the roll out of eduMe

Increased output from increased attendance

Employees can’t be productive if they can’t attend work to begin with. By fostering a safer work environment, risk is mitigated and attendance and engagement naturally rise as a by-product.

Reduce corporate risk

Greater alignment and compliance with processes and procedures reduces accident rates, lowering costs of lost productivity, legal fees and weakened brand, which in turn causes insurance premiums to decrease.

A workforce you can have faith in

No more fretting over bad PR or mitigating reputational risks. Deliver robust, up-to-date training that can be rolled out across markets and feel trust in a fully trained, capable, qualified workforce.


Shorter creation processes, better results

Open eduMe first time and create valuable content within hours. Incorporate quizzes, GIFs and more for training that maximizes knowledge retention, encourages continuous engagement with information and can be easily understood by anyone.


Send to anyone at a moment’s notice

eduMe’s mobile-optimized solution ensures critical information never fails to land in employees' hands. Once dispersed, learning can be revised easily and repeated infinitely to ensure information stays up-to-date and top of mind.


Pinpoint knowledge gaps, ensure quality

eduMe provides evidence of employee engagement and level of understanding. Take a glance at Analytics to ascertain who has completed training and who needs to be retrained. Use Assessments to act as barriers to entry and track attempts per user to ensure full compliance.

Try an eduMe safety Guide


← Click through the eduMe lesson or scan the QR code to view on your phone.

how_to_lift_objects_safelyCreate a visual microlearning experience, that is as easy to be consumed as social media. 

This example lesson shows how to lift objects safely to ensure your workforce avoids injuries leading to lost work days and potentially damaged goods. 

As an eduMe admin, you are able to assess workforce, team, or individual learning performance with our assessments & insights features. 

eduMe enables you or your frontline manager(s) to easily & quickly create engaging and memorable learning experiences to ensure your workforce is setup for success. 

Luke Lazar Hexagon

eduMe’s microlearning platform is a critical component of Flagger Force’s technology and communications strategy and is the perfect addition to our safety culture. By taking a proactive approach to integrated safety training and reinforcement, we are driving increases in employee engagement and collaboration, which are critical to our mission of keeping our communities moving safely.

Luke Lazar, Vice President of Risk & Safety, Flagger Force

Construction Site Safety Checklist Template

Keep track of safety procedures, and reduce accidents on site with this easy to use checklist. 

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