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Plug microlearning into your Workday Recruiting flow

Get your people on-the-ground first-day ready, with visual, bite-sized training. Assigned through Workday, delivered directly to their devices.

Workday's chosen frontline training partner

Workday Certified (500 x 150 px) (1)

No shows, no more.

Wow new hires before they even start.

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Improve applicant conversion rates 
Prevent first shift no shows with training that builds affinity with your brand.

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Build confidence, quicker
Reduce ramp up times - help new hires become job-ready in less time.

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Shorter onboarding
Cut down on the in-person with quick-to-complete, repeatable refreshers. 

Nurture new hires through Workday's ATS

Make yourself dropout-proof. Slot training in where it matters most - post-offer and pre-first day, to get them on side as soon as an offer goes out, and boost early performance.

One click access via SMS & email

Access couldn't be simpler. Send training through Workday Recruiting to their device, for one click access via SMS or email - no account needed. 

Onboarding with a new look

Built to feel like popular social media apps, training on eduMe is light, fun and familiar. With tappable vertical videos and other dopamine-releasing formats that will have your workforce coming back for more.

Sonny Yuen Hexagon

eduMe is a perfect fit to power unique frontline worker learning experiences, that complement the long form learning that Workday manages.

Sonny Yuen, Senior Director Product Strategy, Workday


Hear more from Sonny in our on-demand webinar

How the integration is unique

Fast, one-time setup provides instant, up-to-date access to your Workday users within eduMe.

Automate the creation and deletion of learners in eduMe to ensure the right people have access to training when it's needed.

Theresa Micheli

The integration allows us to get engaging training to employees in a way that is perfect for those on the frontline.

Theresa Micheli, Director of Store Operations at Pet Supermarket


Read more in our Pet Supermarket Case Study


training engagement rate


decrease in employee turnover

2 min

average completion rate


workforce satisfaction score

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How to Train Your Frontline Workers in Workday | Guide

Learn how to integrate training into your existing Workday ecosystem in a way that's optimized for your frontline - engaging, relevant and seamless.

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