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Manufacturing Workforce Training for Safety & Productivity

Reach your on the move workforce easily, boost Productivity and improve workforce Safety & Compliance, all remotely with eduMe's Mobile Training Platform.

Safety & Compliance

Keep your Workforce Safe & Compliant

Avoid physical harm to your workforce, and ensure compliance to prevent fines & poor brand opinion. With easy access to training that can be completed whenever and wherever it's needed. 

Complement easy to access learning with assessments to ensure understanding and real-time analytics for assurance of training completion.

Attract & Retain Talent

Attract, Hire & Retain the Workforce of the Future

We know the manufacturing sector struggles to attract and retain young workers.

Research shows that manufacturing companies that offer comprehensive learning are more likely to attract millennial and Gen Z candidates. 

And 69% of manufacturing employees under the age of 25 said they stayed with their employers because of the training & development offered. 

Integrate eduMe into the tools you're using

Empower the Frontline Workforce

Equip Frontline Managers with the Tool they need

Only two-thirds of frontline workers are satisfied with their learning programs vs 90% of senior leaders, indicating a clear need to focus training initiatives on these crucial employees.

The Manufacturing Institute states that 'while development is a key part of employee retention, manufacturers should also equip their frontline managers with the ability to support their workers' source. With eduMe you can empower your Frontline Manager to quickly create learning that's required at specific locations and assign to teams who work there. 

Try our new Guides learning format


← Click through the eduMe lesson or scan the QR code to view on your phone.

how_to_lift_objects_safelyCreate a visual microlearning experience, that is as easy to be consumed as social media. 

This example lesson shows how to lift objects safely to ensure your workforce avoids injuries leading to lost work days and potentially damaged goods. 

As an eduMe admin, you are able to assess workforce, team, or individual learning performance with our assessments & insights features. 

eduMe enables you or your frontline manager(s) to easily & quickly create engaging and memorable learning experiences to ensure your workforce is setup for success. 

Our customers see:

Streamlined Processes
70% reduction in onboarding time
Retention of Talent
2x increase in workforce retention
Improved Health & Safety
26% reduction in workplace injuries

Case Study: Leading North American Logistics Company

In the first year working with this company we achieved a:

  • 26% reduction in injuries;
  • 10% increase in quality of service; and
  • 200% increase in training completion.

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