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North American Logistics

  • 26% reduction in injuries
  • 200% increase in completion of training material
  • 5,000 fewer hours spent training
  • $60,000 saved on training in the first year

One of the biggest wins is the app. Our drivers can access training from anywhere.

Health & Safety Lead, Leading North American Logistics company

How did a leading North American Logistics company achieve Workforce Success with eduMe?

The challenge

To ensure a predictable, quality outcome was delivered to every customer, all processes had to run like a well oiled machine, meaning optimisation of every movement and measurement in the storage, transport and delivery of goods.

A large component of making this complex process function smoothly is their workforce. The company manages countless warehouse staff, truck drivers and other employees, who all work to ensure customers receive their orders at the right time, and to the right standard.

95% of our employees prefer eduMe to traditional E-Learning systems

They were looking for a microlearning training platform that was user-friendly, accessible, available in English and French Canadian, and was engaging. eduMe provided them with an all inclusive solution.

eduMe’s Solution

Ease of use

Management sought a solution to simplify all their processes. eduMe’s simple design and ease of use meant a frictionless roll out. Managers and employees alike were able to pick the app up and go - no technological savviness or upskilling required.

Training accessible anywhere, anytime

All that’s required for anyone, anywhere to access their training is a mobile phone. No productivity disrupting workshops, or sitting at a computer. Whether in the warehouse, or on the road, employees received information that fit seamlessly around their working day.

Using eduMe allows us to deliver a really comprehensive training program that covers all the necessary bases.

Engaging microlearning format

Attention spans are short and peoples’ learning expectations have changed. To engage a modern workforce, training must be delivered in engaging short bursts to hold attention and motivate people to complete it. eduMe is built with this in mind.

Multiple use cases for a 360 training program

From the onboarding of new employees, to ongoing safety, quality and compliance training, to mandatory HR training, eduMe has been their go-to tool.

→ Download Now: Guide - Why Online Training is Essential For Logistics and Transportation

The Results

From the get go, the company experienced success with eduMe.

They went from low training completion rates at some distribution centers (30-45%) with their prior e-learning tools, to 90% completion of training across all distribution centers after implementation of eduMe. In other words, eduMe outperformed their prior training methods by 200%.

eduMe is really simple and easy to use. It’s great.

In the U.S., companies lose $151 billion to injuries annually. Following eduMe’s roll out, the company experienced a 26% reduction in injuries. These safety results were not just an improvement on the previous year’s, but the best safety results the company had seen in a decade.

But the cost saving did not end at improved safety. Because of the short-form, engaging nature of microlearning in eduMe, approx 5,000 fewer hours were spent on training, translating to an annual saving of approx $60,000.

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