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Multinational luxury goods corporation Kering (owner of brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and more) were on the hunt for a training solution that allowed them to do two things more effectively.

The first was enabling them to reach hundreds of frontline employees, across regions and sub-brands, faster. The second was making sure that each of the retail associates representing these sub-brands were upskilled to the same level, and possessed the same level of knowledge. In other words - that training was standardized.

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By rolling out quick-to-complete training across sub-brands, Kering hoped to improve in-store security and reduce inventory loss.

Since partnering with eduMe to raise employee awareness around shrinkage, Kering has achieved:

75% training completion rate

68% training engagement rate

98% workforce satisfaction with training 

Chiara Del Panta, Kering, hex

"We successfully deployed crucial security training modules to our frontline through eduMe. eduMe is so user-friendly, we love the platform. It gives us a seamless experience that was well-received and has met our organization's training needs"

Chiara Del Panta, Regional Manager, Kering

Kering's challenge

Before eduMe, Kering used in-person sessions led by an  instructor to upskill their retail frontline. But, with a large, international workforce to reach, the use of face-to-face training alone restricted Kering.

In-person sessions demanded a location, a time, and for employees to be available in order to take place, all of which meant training took longer and required more resource.

Although doing training face-to-face is engaging, its widespread delivery posed challenges due to its difficulty and costliness. 

The exclusive use of face-to-face training also meant quality and consistency of material were  instructor-dependent, giving the company no guarantee that associates across individual luxury stores were trained to the desired standard on crucial security information. Finally, Kering did not know who had absorbed, digested and retained information.

The result?  Kering lacked confidence around employee preparedness to handle security measures and combat shrinkage. 

eduMe's solution

Kering looked to eduMe’s frontline training tool as a solution. eduMe not only allowed them to make training accessible 24/7,  at an employees’ point of need, but it enabled the company to share materials in channels  they knew employees were active in.

eduMe has proven very valuable in addressing prior training limitations by providing concise and easily accessible bite-size content, enabling our busy sales workforce to efficiently engage with and complete their training.

This meant that key materials Kering’s training team had worked hard to put together were not missed by their busy frontline retail team, who lacked the time to  go searching for relevant information. Instead, training came to them.

Three ways Kering use eduMe to drive training impact and improve frontline performance

Meeting employees where they are 

Kering embedded training in two channels with high use by employees, where they were most likely to see & click through to training. For Kering, this was SMS & email. Kering combined this with  seamless, one-click access to material - meaning that to start training, all retail staff needed to do was tap the link shared. 

By approaching employees in multiple channels, and removing any  barriers to the destination,  Kering set employees up to access training independently and in high numbers.

Sharing bite-sized, engaging content

Kering’s training on eduMe is modeled to suit their time sparse retail employees, who spend their day on the shop floor, on their feet, with minimal time to dedicate to training. 

Tappable, quick-to-complete, text-light modules on eduMe are impactful but time-efficient, addressing educational needs while  aligning with employees’ working days.


Testing attention

By adding informal assessments in their microlearning modules, Kering can conduct frequent knowledge checks that give managers an ongoing snapshot into performance over time and on an employee-by-employee basis.

For learners, the checks provide  an opportunity to reinforce, consolidate and commit knowledge to longer-term memory.

eduMe’s solution not only simplifies the content creation process, making it quick and straightforward, but also significantly streamlines delivery, saving valuable time and ensuring efficiency.

The results

Following the roll out of eduMe across several sub-brands, including Brioni and Alexander McQueen, Kering have seen a high level of training engagement, improved training completion rates and greater employee satisfaction with training.

The overall functionality has empowered us to efficiently deliver engaging training content and gather valuable insights, enhancing the overall effectiveness of our training initiatives.

The delivery of training through channels Kering knew employees were active in drove high training engagement rates, with 68% of employees accessing training shared via email and SMS. 

Once they reached training, more than three quarters saw the multi-lesson course through to the end, with 75% of learners sitting at a 100% course completion rate within 30 days of training assignment. 

Finally, eduMe’s bite-sized, immersive content formats were particularly well received by Kering's learners, with nearly all - 98% - sharing that they enjoyed learning this way.

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