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Since partnering with eduMe to ensure their frontline operated efficiently, safely, and in a way that maintained a white glove level of service as they continued to grow, Temco saw:

96% reduction in injury rate

30% reduction in auto accident rate (equivalent to $600K saved)

50% reduction in driver & technician turnover

31% increase in per day earnings for drivers & technicians

eduMe is TikTok-style training in the hands of your workforce that may not have a computer, email, or desk. Most training you’ll ever receive at a job has not come in this format before. We decided to pursue this quickly because we see the future payoff in being early.

Dan Drenk Temco Hex


Dan Drenk, Director of Learning and Development, Temco Logistics


Temco Logistics, a premier home goods delivery and installation solutions provider fulfilling deliveries for America’s largest retailers, like The Home Depot, found themselves in a unique situation.

Between 2019-2022, the company saw their network grow to cover more than 40 U.S. states. This service expansion meant an equivalent expansion in their frontline - drivers and technicians out on the road, representing the company, installing home goods, and managing customer interactions.

With a remote workforce in the thousands, operating across time zones, Temco faced a challenge. They needed to ensure this frontline operated efficiently, safely, and in a way that maintained a white glove level of service as the company continued to grow.


Temco’s challenge

Before eduMe, Temco relied on in-person training to ensure drivers and technicians moved between jobs safely, installed products to standard, and delivered a high level of customer service on a job.

However, the company found face-to-face training alone could no longer support their frontline. Drivers and technicians’ need for information was always-on. Knowledge from face-to-face training was ‘one-off’ - limited to the session it was delivered in, and not easy to re-access afterward.

Before eduMe, we were leaning on live instruction at the local level and ended up with a pretty mixed bag, depending on how strong these instructors were.

Not only did face-to-face training limit Temco in terms of how many drivers and technicians they could get information to at once, but it also did not provide any performance insights. With no data to hand, Temco was unable to measure training KPIs or tie performance outcomes to their training initiatives in a concrete way.

Another difficulty Temco faced was ensuring consistency across trainers. They lacked confidence in the standardization of knowledge - ensuring each driver or technician left a session with the same level of knowledge as the next.

eduMe's solution

We’re looking at eduMe to be that source of truth.

Temco wasn’t just looking for a tool that allowed them to reach thousands with standardized knowledge they could access round-the-clock.

With a busy, majority millennial workforce, it was important to Temco that their training solution was enjoyed by their frontline, to help them cut through the noise and build a culture of learning.

In eduMe, Temco found both versatile delivery options, giving their multi-thousand frontline an always-on stream of knowledge at their fingertips, and a learning experience that resonated with their younger-skewing working demographic.

Temco’s Strategy for Driving a Successful Frontline Training Program

Complementing In-Person Training with eduMe

The more ways we can put training in front of people, the more it crystallizes it in our larger culture.

Rather than seeing in-person and digital training as either/or, Temco boosted the impact of their training by combining the two in a blended learning strategy.

With in-person training having its unique applications, Temco used eduMe for the pre-training, post-training, and everything in between. By giving workers an always-there, easy-to-access learning resource, Temco’s in-person sessions were given an afterlife, and the company was able to measure comprehension of content more easily. 

A Branded Home for Learning 

It’s a library of resources, content that’s in their hand, on their phone. If they’ve forgotten how to do a particular task - or they’ve never learned how - they can get straight to it, and see exactly how to do it in 3 minutes or less. A repository that’s always available so they can self-serve.

Using eduMe Temco created ‘the toolbox’ - a Temco-branded home for learning where drivers and technicians could go to find new training or re-access old. 

This allowed the company to provide a training experience consistent with their brand, as well as support learning needs more effectively by giving learners a destination they could visit to retake training and improve subject knowledge.

Multi-Point Training Access

Temco’s primary method to get training in front of their frontline was through SMS, a channel which employees checked frequently. On clicking the link contained within an SMS, learners were dropped straight into lessons.

Temco also delivered training contextually, via QR codes. When scanned, learners were directed to tappable instructional videos on key SOPs, like safe operation of the piece of equipment the QR was attached to. 

User-Generated Content

We're trying to run an influencer campaign with our workforce, just that the content happens to be training. We love to give the opportunity to spotlight somebody that knows how to do something really well.

Temco ensured engagement stayed high once learners reached training by adopting a UGC approach, made possible with eduMe Guides.

By leveraging user-generated content for peer-to-peer learning, Temco made training more relatable and engaging. Shining a spotlight on drivers and technicians in this way allowed Temco to give workers a voice and improve visibility of colleagues cross-country, building a sense of community.


We’ve had some very dramatic improvements in the area of safety and turnover. Huge improvements with real dollar impact.

Since using eduMe to deliver a multi-channel, engaging, and on-brand training experience that effectively supported their in-person program, Temco saw a notable improvement in several key business areas.

Through the delivery of ongoing safety and refresher training, Temco improved the safety of their drivers and technicians, with injury rates reduced by 96%. Auto accident rates also lowered by 30%, a reduction alone that equated to a $600,000 cost saving for the company.

With eduMe enabling simpler access to job-critical knowledge and reducing disruptions to productivity, Temco’s workforce was able to go about their daily tasks more efficiently, with drivers and technicians increasing per day earnings by 31%.

In being empowered to work more effectively, safely, and to earn more, Temco’s frontline viewed the company more favorably and as a longer-term collaborator - with a 50% reduction in driver and technician turnover observed over the same period.

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