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Deliver training where it's needed.

No new apps to download. No logins to remember. Just training built into your existing workflows.

Low friction. High engagement

Make training accessible to every learner - wherever they need it

Don't make your team search for training.

Drive engagement by connecting your learners with relevant content within your existing tools and workflows.

Good riddance to forgotten logins.

Remove the friction of passwords and provide instant, secure access to training with smart authentication options.

Deliver training through your preferred channels

SMS & email icon purple

SMS, Email & Whatsapp
Notify your team as soon as there's something new to learn

QR Icon purple

QR Codes
Scannable access to training around the workstation

Integrations icon purple

Share through your existing communication tools

App icon purple

Your App or Intranet
Embed training in your platform for one-tap access


Drive instant engagement through instant messaging

Reach your workforce quickly and directly via high-touch, familiar channels with delivery through SMS, email and Whatsapp. Set up and send out directly from the eduMe - no technical implementation required.


Strengthen retention with training accessible on demand

Support employees with training just when they need it through QR codes in physical workstations. Generated in eduMe, distributed on the ground, scannable and accessible any time. 


Integrate with another software you use

Workday, Microsoft Teams, Beekeeper and more allow you to deliver training within the tools your people use daily.


Encourage discovery and continuous learning within your platform

Give team members one-tap access to personalized learning resources in the system they use every day. One-time setup, instant and passwordless access for your learners. 

Secure access without the lock & key

Authentication options that give learners a quick, no-hassle way to access their training

Cloud check icon purple

Use your company single sign-on mechanism

OTP icon purple

A one-time passcode sent to registered learner

Seamless icon purple

A personalized one-tap link directly to training

Anonymous learning icon purple

Instant access with lightweight reporting

Verify who can access your content with trusted sign-in methods

Save your learners the hassle of creating and forgetting another password, with a choice of frictionless sign-in options. 

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