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One-Tap Access to Knowledge from the Tools you already use

Onboard and Train your large on-the-go workforce 70% faster, with a 4 times increase in completion rates, all seamlessly within your existing technology stack

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  • Faster onboarding with mobile learning, one company reduced their onboarding time from 2 weeks to 70 minutes

  • A seamless learning experience for frontline workers, we see 66% higher training engagement when using our seamless links technology vs single sign on

A seamless mobile training platform that will change the way you onboard & train your deskless workforce

No need for a separate learning app, eduMe seamlessly works with your current tools without the need for learners to enter a password

An enterprise Workforce Success platform designed for modern businesses at scale

Our content creation tool will transform the way you build training. It’s super-light and maximizes the impact.

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