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Mobile Training for your Deskless Workforce, wherever they are

Onboard and Train your large on-the-go workforce 70% faster, with a 4 times increase in completion rates, all seamlessly within your existing technology stack

  • Faster onboarding with mobile learning, one company reduced their onboarding time from 2 weeks to 70 minutes

  • A seamless learning experience for frontline workers, we see 66% higher training engagement when using our seamless links technology vs single sign on

A mobile training platform that will change the way you train, inform and engage your deskless workforce

Fast and Easy Content Creation

  • Create simple lessons containing text, images and videos in an hour or build out a whole course in less than a day
  • Short-form microlearning courses that get across the information your workforce needs in a matter of minutes

Designed for Mobile

  • Use as a standalone app or seamlessly embed and integrate into your own system with no need for additional downloads
  • Microlearning that is intuitive to interact with on Mobile and proven to increase engagement and information retention

Simple Tracking and Analysis

  • Automatically send training and updates to those who need it, when they need it
  • Measure the performance of your training and workforce through dashboards and create reports for your stakeholders to ensure ROI

Discover eduMe

An enterprise Workforce Success platform designed for modern businesses at scale

Our content creation tool will transform the way you build training. It’s super-light and maximizes the impact.