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Integrate eduMe into the tools you're already using

Seamlessly integrate eduMe into your existing workforce tools with data that syncs, & workflows that work, all without the need for your teams to download a separate app.

With options like SSO and seamless links, you can distribute your content globally to 10 or 10 million people with ease.
Our integrations mean all of your workforce workflows work with eduMe - giving a seamless experience for your people.
Our security is trusted by brands like Uber, Vodafone and Deloitte so you can be confident your data is secure.

Integrations to help you Hire, Onboard, Communicate, Manage & Schedule your Workforce

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Coming soon integrations (workday)

Integrate Training into your existing apps & web services

Integrating eduMe into your existing tools enables you to scale your business and get more out of your existing investments.

Training that's embedded into the flow of work within the apps or web applications your teams already have on their devices. 

Passwordless, Seamless Access to Training

Give your workforce seamless access to training through the platforms they're already familiar with.

No need for a new login & password and a new app to download or web service to remember, eduMe embeds into the tools your workforce already has.

Simple Data Transfer

Simple, secure data transfer between eduMe's training analytics and your workforce systems without the need to download & upload spreadsheets.

Connect your workforce training completion & score data with your other HR systems easily. 

We're Integration Ready

Our flexible range of integration options and dedicated team of experts enable us to easily integrate whatever technology you use to manage your frontline workforce. APIs, Webhooks & our Seamless links technology enables quick & easy integrations with options and flexibility that works for you. 

Our flexible integration approach enables us to integrate easily into our clients' proprietary apps. Uber Driver, Deliveroo Rider, and GrubHub for Drivers, amongst others, rely on our infrastructure to ensure a seamless, integrated training experience for their deskless workforce.