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Staffbase & eduMe

Easily embed eduMe into your Staffbase-powered company app for consistent, engaging and on-brand mobile training in a single tap.

Provide immediate access to fully-branded training content

Embed training and onboarding content created in eduMe into your communications hub to deliver engaging training to your workforce wherever they are.

By embedding an eduMe training hub into your Staffbase platform, you can enable your workers to access training on the go, for higher completion rates and a more informed workforce.

Quickly create content and track engagement

Administrators can build engaging rich learning content in eduMe including videos, quizzes, surveys and assessments, with completion rates and results all fully tracked.

Reduce friction, engage frontline teams

Learners can access training content from the ‘Training Hub’ in their Staffbase app so they can complete training on the go, with no additional downloads required.

Easily create an embedded page in Staffbase to link to your eduMe Knowledge Hub, enabling your workforce to access the training they need, when they need it.

Better Together

Seamlessly access interactive eduMe microlearning through your Staffbase-powered company app.

Ensure a consistent, engaging, and on-brand mobile training experience accessible in a single tap.  

The Staffbase and eduMe integration allows for a fully-branded experience for your frontline workers, enabling your to train your workforce wherever they are. With engaging and interactive mobile formats that increase training completion rates by 3X.