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Keep your frontline workforce up to date with the latest information

Share the latest processes, technologies, and products with your frontline workforce to ensure they are equipped with the information they need to succeed.

Change management
Quickly & easily create training on the latest information the frontline needs for their forever changing work
Product updates
Share training at the same time that your products change, with quick & seamless delivery
Adoption of new tools
Ensure the frontline adopts new technologies that are key to your company's success
Quick & easy to create

Create & share training quickly

Effortless and intuitive content creation that can be done on the spot. Simply capture & upload video & images, create & edit with text, links, stickers & drawing tools, and then share with learners where they are, all on your mobile. 

The recognizable video capturing and editing tools makes content creation straightforward and accessible for all, while admins can still review content before it’s published.

A fully customizable experience so you can ensure brand consistency. 

I'm clickable

Bring Interactive External Content into the Flow of Learning

eduMe enables you to embed third party content, including video, clickable prototypes, and other interactive virtual experiences.

Matterport logoFigma logoKaltura logoMindstamp logo

Example: Matterport

← Click through the interactive eduMe lesson to see Matterport compliment learning

This example enables you to show a digital twin store layout, equipping frontline staff with knowledge of their new working environment before they've even seen it with their own eyes.

You can then check knowledge and understanding based on the environment they've seen with assessments and quizzes.

Immersive, visual learning

Drive engagement with highly visual & immersive learning formats

Using our Guides format to connect frontline teams to the information they need quickly, clearly and in an engaging, visual way.

Guides empower frontline teams to share and develop their knowledge in the moment it’s needed, whether that’s a company-wide announcement about a new product, or updates from a local team on the introduction of new processes.

Learners upskilled on new company initiatives via Guides are 29% more likely to take positive action than those who aren’t

Seamless access

Push learning to learners with passwordless access

Push new learning content to learners via app notification, email, SMS, QR codes, or other methods, seamlessly delivered to the right people at the right time. 

Or enable your workforce to self serve their learning and re-access the information they need when they need it from our Knowledge hubs. 

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