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Keep your frontline workforce up to date with the latest information

Share the latest processes, technologies, and products with your frontline workforce to ensure they are equipped with the information they need to succeed.

Change management
Quickly & easily create training on the latest information the frontline needs for their forever changing work
Product updates
Share training at the same time that your products change, with quick & seamless delivery
Adoption of new tools
Ensure the frontline adopts new technologies that are key to your company's success

Empower local teams to create & share content themselves

When it comes to how things work day-to-day, no one understands it better than those on the ground. Everyone can be a creator, especially local teams with unique experiences to share, Guides empowers them to give tips and insight to the rest of the workforce.

Share role, team, or location specific training

Easily create and share updates across the workforce.

Accessible within the tools they use everyday

Training is easily accessible via the tools your workforce is already using e.g. Microsoft Teams. 

Results our customers have seen


training engagement rate


workforce satisfaction score

2 min

average lesson completion time

Sriram Trikutam

We started to notice opportunities to make behavioural interventions, whether it’s providing better service to our customers, whether it’s improving the safety record, whether it’s providing regulatory updates that we needed to provide to our driver partners…eduMe really allowed us to make these updates and provide ongoing learning to our drivers, seamlessly, virtually and at scale.


Sriram Trikutam
Director of Growth Operations, Via

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