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Bringing Frontline Training into Workday

Imagine a way to deliver engaging, accessible and effective training to your frontline, that was intuitive, effortless, auto-synced with your system of record…

Imagine no more - with Workday’s eduMe integration, it's possible. For the first time, frontline businesses can provide one-click, seamless access to immersive training within Workday, to maximize training engagement & completion rates, frontline performance, safety, and more.

How? Watch our Founder & CEO, Jacob Waern, in conversation with Workday’s Director of Product Strategy Sonny Yuen, where they discuss how our Workday Certification & integration is changing the game for Workday customers with a frontline workforce.

What we cover:

  • Why eduMe was brought into the Workday ecosystem 
  • The differences between eduMe & Workday Learning, and how eduMe complements Workday’s existing offering
  • How the integration functions, bringing value to customers & improving frontline employee experience
Workday Certified (500 x 150 px) (1)


Sonny Yuen Hexagon


Sonny Yuen

Senior Director Product Strategy

Jacob Hexagon


Jacob Waern

Founder & CEO