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How to Train Your Frontline Workers in Workday

Learn how to provide seamless access to engaging, frontline-optimized training within your existing Workday ecosystem - driving higher completions, and better ROI.

Discover why Workday + eduMe is the answer to your frontline training

While Workday Learning delivers robust training capabilities, it lacks the specialized focus on microlearning and mobile delivery that frontline teams need.

With eduMe, however, you can make Workday Learning work for your entire workforce.

In this guide, learn how to integrate frontline-optimized training seamlessly into your existing HR ecosystem.

The only frontline training platform that is a Workday Ventures Partner and Workday Certified.

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Compare eduMe’s Workday integration with others on the market

While there are other training providers that have a surface-level integration with Workday HCM, eduMe goes further.

Explore how eduMe compares to other LMS integrations, as well as the impact it can have when paired with your existing Workday Learning investment.

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We support eduMe because of its innovative training and learning platform that helps organizations navigate change and grow while serving an ever-expanding deskless workforce.

Mark Peek, Managing Director and Head, Workday Ventures

Everything you need to know about frontline training in Workday

Download this guide to uncover:

  • The current state of frontline training
  • Where Workday falls short
  • How eduMe provides the answer
  • The benefits of integrating eduMe with Workday
  • Case study - how one retail business trains its staff with eduMe + Workday

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