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  • 5 times higher engagement with NPS
  • 15% reduction in inactive vendors
  • 99% positive learner feedback
  • 6 times higher lesson completion rate

We immediately realized how powerful eduMe was - the scope of the project started growing with the results that we saw

Joaquin Sahores, Partner Operations, PedidosYa
How did PedidosYa achieve Workforce Success with eduMe?

PedidosYa, the leading Latin American delivery platform and part of the Delivery Hero empire, was looking for a scalable, efficient and effective way to onboard new vendors.

They needed a replacement for their manual, webinar-style training which could better engage new businesses and prevent them from becoming inactive on their platform. Enter eduMe.

PedidosYa’s Challenge

We had the challenge of onboarding vendors in a quick, standardized and above all scalable manner

Prior to introducing eduMe, PedidosYa had been relying on 60 minute webinar sessions to deliver onboarding information to new vendors. They had to train a hundred agents to deliver these sessions as well as provide scripts for each market, which made it difficult to ensure consistency in the quality of training delivered. This resulted in onboarding that wasn’t standardized, and didn’t provide a unified brand voice. 

Consequently, the PedidosYa team wanted to move away from manual processes towards a digital, mobile-first solution. They didn’t just want to standardize training, however. They also wanted to provide a self-serve tool that would make their onboarding process more engaging and help vendors become more productive, in less time. 

We put a lot of resources into onboarding vendors and some of them end up never completing one sale

Another key challenge for PedidosYa was retaining vendors. As the leading delivery platform in the region, it was rather easy for them to attract new business, but it proved difficult to keep partners engaged in the long term. The operations team would invest time and resources into onboarding vendors, but many of them never ended up completing their first order.

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With their previous webinar-style onboarding sessions, they were seeing a double digit “zombie” rate - the term that PedidosYa use for vendors who never complete an order. They needed to find a way to re-engage vendors that had become inactive, and prevent this from happening with new partners by engaging them from day one.

Our Solution

eduMe provided PedidosYa with the ability to deliver engaging, bite-sized onboarding content right at the point of need, setting up new vendors for success and re-engaging those who had become inactive on their platform. 

We aren’t losing as many partners, which is possible because of the connection eduMe has with Braze

Seamless integration

By leveraging our cross-channel customer engagement platform Braze, PedidosYa were able to create an automated onboarding plan for new vendors which provides one-tap access to bite-sized training courses.

Using Braze, the team was able to set up a personalized email flow which delivers eduMe’s unique seamless links directly to partners’ inboxes and takes them straight to the relevant training course, without the need to login. This one-tap access was key to preventing drop-off, and ensured that partners were engaged with PedidosYa’s training content before they’d even set up on the delivery platform. 

Braze logo

Engaging and bite-sized

eduMe lessons are gamified and bite-size, taking only a few minutes to create, deliver and complete. Interactive formats such as videos and quizzes better engage learners and encourage ongoing use, while reinforcing key information for increased knowledge retention.

Vendors are able to complete their onboarding in less time, but feel better prepared to start earning on the PedidosYa platform. Meanwhile, the operations team can use eduMe’s Groups functionality to easily create and share courses with their regional teams, who are able to customize content to their specific markets within our intuitive content creation tool.

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Real-time analytics

Thanks to eduMe’s reporting insights and API, PedidosYa are able to monitor the progress of their onboarding program and export completion data. This has enabled them to integrate data with Tableau to create a regional dashboard, leading to better visibility across all their regions and giving teams the freedom to manage their own markets.

The ability to monitor the impact of their training initiatives with real-time data from Braze means PedidosYa can identify areas for improvement, keeping them on track to hit their operational goals and ensure that their onboarding is user-led. 

The State of Training in the On-Demand Industry: 2022 Report

The Results

Since switching to seamless mobile onboarding with eduMe PedidosYa has seen improvements in a number of key business metrics.

The faster vendors are able to find success on the PedidosYa platform, the more likely they are to stick around. With eduMe, the time to complete onboarding training was reduced by one and a half days. Delivering onboarding information right at the point of need and in a quick, engaging format translated to a reduction in vendor inactivity, with the number of new partners failing to complete an order within the first month decreasing by 15%. 

Providing one-tap access to relevant, bite-size courses gave vendors the knowledge and confidence they needed to make that first sale, and keep coming back for more. In fact, new vendors who completed their onboarding via eduMe showed an increase in activity and rejected less orders. 

Thanks to our integration with Braze, PedidosYa also saw a significant increase in engagement with training. The average open rate for their automated email campaign was 62% - nearly three times higher than the industry benchmark - and the completion rate for training delivered via seamless links was 6x higher than other methods. Removing the need to login and providing one-tap access to training proved to be highly effective in engaging learners and motivating them to complete the onboarding process. 

Before eduMe, we wanted partners to learn the basics. Now, we’re at the next level where partners are learning PedidosYa’s terminology and being empowered with knowledge

Finally, PedidosYa received highly positive feedback from vendors and five times higher engagement with NPS surveys. The new and improved onboarding program received 99% positive feedback from learners, who described eduMe as ‘clear’, ‘intuitive’, ‘easy’ and ‘dynamic’. Vendors also began asking more specifically about PedidosYa’s internal tools and how their business functions, showing that they’d become more invested in the platform as a whole. 

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