Insights & white papers


Your guide to creating the perfect training videos, that will inspire your workforce

In this guide, we’ve highlighted some of the many reasons why video belongs in your training program, and given you some tips you how to produce simple, effective video content.


Motivation & Engagement Playbook: How to get your learners to start - and continue - using your learning platform

In this new white paper, prepared by our Head of Learning, we'll show why this is such an important topic and the huge effect it has on a company's bottom line.

We'll be sharing concrete tips and how-to's to make the most out of your learning program. 


How to measure microlearning's ROI

Check out our latest Insights Paper on how to measure impact. We've drawn on our experience with clients including Uber and Rappi to create a practical guide that will enable you to create a solid business case for your learning initiative.


How to make mobile learning work

We’ve accumulated a fair bit of experience in the growing - but not particularly well understood - field of mobile learning. Every so often, we get asked to share what we know, so we compiled our top insights on how to succeed with mobile learning.  


How to produce great videos for microlearning

We believe that any successful microlearning strategy needs to include effective use of videos, so we're sharing our best practice tips in a series of blog posts. 

Part I: The Basics

Part II: Getting down to business

Part III: Other options

Looking for more best practice on microlearning, mobile learning and how to reach learners in the gig economy etc? Visit our blog for much more insightful findings!