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Pain free personalized learning across your frontline

Say goodbye to generic, one-size-fits-all training.

With eduMe, personalization is pain free.

Keep your people data up to date
With automated data sync
Automatically curated training content
With personalized learning libraries
Training built for individuals that drives results
See the impact of training

Worker sync with Workday & other HRMS

Integrate eduMe with your existing workforce tools to create seamless workflows that are easy to manage and give your team access to training wherever it’s needed.

Learner management, simplified

Smart Teams update dynamically based on tags and completed actions, helping you get the right training to the right people, at the right time.

Learning hubs unique to individual needs

Knowledge Hubs allow you to bring relevant training together in one place, so learners can easily and independently access learning when they need it.

Learning triggered based on performance or feedback

Surface lessons based on user behavior - e.g. suggesting a lesson on customer service following a poor review - maximizing the impact of your training and driving results in real-time.

Results our customers have seen


higher training engagement rate


learner satisfaction score


return on training investment

If you're looking for something that can move the needle on these crucial metrics, eduMe certainly returned the investment we made several times over.

Sriram Trikutam 

Sriram Trikutam
Director of Growth Operations, Via

Our objective was to improve the productivity of our sales agents - eduMe has enabled us to achieve this.

Patty Gomez 

Patty Gomez
Frontline Sales Manager, Tigo

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