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  • Onboarding time reduced from 2 weeks to 70 minutes
  • 99% reduction in time to productivity
  • Their workforce became operational 288 times faster

We chose to partner with eduMe, to help us reach our vast number of partner drivers and to support them in understanding how to deliver excellent customer service

Logistics Team lead, Laundryheap

Laundryheap’s challenge

Laundryheap needed to be able to effectively acquire and onboard a dispersed, international network of Partner Drivers, and to do so at scale.

A way to ensure that their Partner Drivers were empowered with the knowledge they needed to start working efficiently, productively and to delight customers from the get go. Having the knowledge at their fingertips to perform at their very best is a cornerstone of Workforce Success.

Laundryheap’s existing hiring and onboarding processes weren’t delivering value as quickly - to the company, or to their Partner Drivers.

Prior to adoption of Fountain and eduMe, it took Laundryheap 2 weeks - 336 hours - to onboard a single Partner Driver. This was hindering the company from reaching their full potential in terms of new driver volumes and getting new drivers operational on the platform quickly.

eduMe’s Solution

Laundryheap partnered with Fountain and eduMe to seamlessly acquire and onboard new Partner Drivers.

A Laundryheap Partner Driver starts their journey in Fountain, during recruitment. Fountain enables hiring managers to deliver a candidate experience that is low friction, automated and highly personalized, to maximize retention.


After recruitment candidates seamlessly flow into eduMe to complete their onboarding. This provides them with the information they need to know to hit the road, earn money and deliver an exceptional customer experience confidently, in less time, and in a more engaging way to conventional methods.

Deliveroo, Uber and countless other on-demand companies use eduMe’s solution to achieve the same results.

The Results

The longer the onboarding process, the more costly to the company, and the higher the likelihood of driver churn. Some on-demand companies experience a churn rate of 500% a year. This makes brief but powerful onboarding training a must for on-demand success.

Prior to using eduMe and Fountain’s solution, the full onboarding process would take 2 weeks, per driver onboarded.

After implementing Fountain and eduMe, drivers experienced a 99% reduction in time to productivity. Now, it takes drivers an average of 70 minutes to complete the full onboarding process and hit the road as engaged, productive, fully upskilled operational members of Laundryheap’s workforce from their first hiring touchpoint.

Use of Fountain and eduMe has enabled Laundryheap’s workforce to become operational 288 times faster than before, meaning they are not only able to recruit and onboard in greater volumes, but ensure new driver quality and success.  

Beyond onboarding

Their drivers’ journey doesn’t stop after hiring and onboarding. With eduMe, Laundryheap is able to inform, train and engage their remote workforce on an ongoing basis.

This ensures quality of service through continued learning, guidance and support, all delivered remotely through eduMe’s mobile training platform.


→ Download Now: The Ultimate Onboarding Guide for On-Demand


Just one example is the Covid-19 Health & Safety training Laundryheap has used eduMe to roll out, in order to upskill their remote workforce with vital information on conducting no-contact deliveries and vehicle hygiene.

Ultimately, eduMe empowers Laundryheap to feel confident they are delivering the right information, at the right time, and in a highly accessible way to their people, who are always out on-the-go, serving customers. In other words - to achieve Workforce Success.

Are you facing challenges in hiring and onboarding at scale? eduMe delivers highly relevant onboarding and ongoing upskilling opportunities to dispersed workforces, to get them earning quickly, elevate their experience and ultimately, combat churn.

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