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  • A 70% reduction in time to productivity
  • A 98% average conversion rate through the applicant funnel
  • An 83% average lesson completion rate
  • An 85% average lesson score

We ended up cutting our onboarding time in half with eduMe. It used to take anywhere from 7-14 days

Casey Huerta, Training & Development Manager, Alto
How did Alto achieve Workforce Success with eduMe?

The US company redefining rideshare, Alto, needed a way to provide their drivers with quick to complete, standardized, engaging onboarding training that ensured quality of service, drivers’ safety and maximized productivity.

With sights set on rapid national expansion, Alto turned to eduMe to help onboard and train drivers at scale.

Alto’s Challenge

Alto found their existing onboarding method - face-to-face training delivered by instructors - was stifling their growth potential. To prime themselves for further expansion, they needed to streamline processes and optimize operational efficiency.

In-person onboarding fell short on multiple fronts, in particular:

  • Day long training sessions did not hold applicants’ attention, meaning that knowledge was not retained

  • Quality of training varied from instructor-to-instructor leading to inconsistency and knowledge gaps

  • An inability to track progress or have insight into knowledge gained, impeding quality assurance

  • Long waiting times between training sessions that increased drop offs in the application funnel and slowed drivers’ time to productivity

When you have different hosts hosting an orientation in person, every single group that comes through training is going to have a different experience… How do we consolidate the information we’re giving people so they digest it easier? How can we speed up the onboarding process so people aren’t having to wait a week or two before they even get into training?

Casey Huerta, Training & Development Manager, Alto

With Alto’s brand promise revolving around quality and consistency, new drivers had to be engaged and knowledgeable from the get go in order to deliver the best possible service to customers.

eduMe’s Solution

eduMe’s mobile-based training platform provided Alto’s dispersed network of employees with seamless access to relevant knowledge, increasing the speed at which drivers became operational and standard to which they were trained. 


Once training is created on eduMe it’s easy to localize then distribute to additional cities, markets or regions in a few clicks. 

24/7 accessibility 

Prior to eduMe, Alto’s training was limited to set times, on certain days, in designated locations. Now, drivers are able to complete a quick lesson at any time that suits them. 

eduMe put the timing in drivers hands and made our training accessible 24/7.

Casey Huerta, Training & Development Manager, Alto


Using eduMe, Alto determines the standard of information all new applicants receive, giving them comfort in the consistency and quality of training delivered. 

Engaging, easy to create content

Teams are able to jump into content creation with minimal guidance. And with a gamified learning and options to include quizzes, videos, GIFs and more in lessons, the content successfully held applicants’ attention too. 

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A seamless learning journey was ensured through eduMe’s third party integration with Fountain. To complete training, drivers needn’t leave the workflow they are in, but seamlessly move from one stage to the next without interruption to or friction in the user experience. This ensures candidate drop-off is minimized. 

Fountain logo

With bite-sized microlearning content delivered directly to smartphones, applicant drivers were able to hit the ground running from day one, at scale, empowered with all the need-to-know information to conduct a successful first trip.

The Results

The transition to online onboarding was pivotal in achieving Alto’s primary goal of faster time to productivity, with eduMe significantly reducing the time taken for drivers to make their first trip. Where before it could have taken up to 14 days for applicants to hit the road with confidence, it now takes an average of 16 hours, marking a 70% reduction in time to productivity

We ended up cutting our onboarding time in half. If you’re really motivated you can get through it in 2 days. That’s pretty remarkable for us - it used to take anywhere from 7-14 days to get somebody through.

Not only did applicants become ready to drive faster, but Alto saw greater volumes of drivers reach this point than before, with 98% of all applicants successfully converting through the onboarding funnel

Applicant drivers were also highly motivated to complete training, with lessons seeing an average completion rate of 83%. And, with an average quiz score of 85%, Alto were able to feel confident that their new hires are upskilled to the standard necessary to provide a 5 star experience. 

Across the board we have an 83% lesson completion rate which points to the fact people aren’t bored and are getting through training in a reasonable amount of time

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