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Microsoft Teams & eduMe

Create and deliver relevant training to your groups within Microsoft Teams, all without leaving the platform.

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Drive frontline adoption of Microsoft Teams with eduMe

Hear from Sarah Miller (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft) and Jacob Waern (Founder & CEO, eduMe) on the key challenges frontline workers face today, how Microsoft Teams can be used to connect with and engage your workforce, as well as how you can use eduMe's free training Guides to drive adoption of Microsoft Teams with your frontline workforce.

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Seamless Access to Learning

By combining eduMe and Microsoft Teams you are able to easily assign learning to the individuals or teams that you already have setup. Send training to who needs it, when they need it. 

There is no need for your workers to download a separate training app or remember logins or passwords, a truly seamless training experience which reduces learning friction by 66%.

Create Training within Microsoft Teams

Admins can easily create eduMe lessons & courses in minutes within Microsoft Teams. 

Create engaging, interactive mobile lessons, including videos, quizzes, surveys and assessments using eduMe's intuitive course authoring tool.


Learning delivered at the moment of need

With eduMe integrated into Microsoft Teams, training reaches your frontline teams with ease. Automate notifications to let learners know as soon as a new course is available.

The eduMe learner app is quickly accessed from the navigation, giving learners instant access to all their training, whenever they need it.

Easily add eduMe into Microsoft Teams

Adding the eduMe App within Microsoft Teams enables you to create & deliver bite-size training to your workforce without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

You can find eduMe within the Microsoft Teams App Marketplace and get started.

The Ultimate Guide to Training in Microsoft Teams Guide

Learn how to integrate training into your most important communications tool, enabling quicker access to relevant knowledge and maximizing the return on your investment.

Microsoft Teams
78 percent of leaders said that equipping frontline workers with technology is key to success

Surface Relevant, Engaging Content

Empower your workers with access to relevant training, accessible whenever they need it from within Microsoft Teams, ensuring workforce confidence to do the job as intended.

Learners access eduMe learning through timely messages from colleagues or within their eduMe learning dashboard, enabling them to access training as and when they need it.

Insights you need for a Successful Workforce

Admins are also able to access eduMe’s reporting and analytics tools within Microsoft Teams.

We show you individual, team, and company wide training completion rates, assessment scores, survey insights, & activity in real time, so whatever data you need, it's right there within Microsoft Teams.

Discover the Microsoft Teams & eduMe integration

Better Together

eduMe enables you to create a truly seamless training experience embedded within Microsoft Teams, removing the need for you and your employees to download or login to another app. Create & update your training material within Microsoft Teams with admin access to the eduMe admin panel.

Send eduMe lessons & courses to relevant groups without leaving Microsoft Teams. You'll never need to upload & update external employee data ever again! Increase workforce success, improve workforce retention and help everyone to stay compliant by ensuring workers have frictionless access to relevant training content, right when they need it.

Microsoft Teams brings an ideal mechanism for eduMe-hosted lessons to be shared in a contextual way to your company’s workforce, at the time they need it.

Webinar: How to Deliver Frontline Training via Microsoft Teams

Discover eduMe’s integration with Microsoft Teams: facilitating one-tap access to bitesize training content within the tool your workers already use day-to-day.