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The Ultimate Guide to Training in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to integrate training into your most important communications tool, enabling quicker access to relevant knowledge and maximizing the return on your investment.

Discover why Microsoft Teams & eduMe is the answer to your frontline training

Instead of trying to drive training engagement in yet another new app, businesses who train their frontline workforces successfully do so by leveraging the networks they’ve already cultivated.

With the introduction of eduMe's training integration within Microsoft Teams, businesses can offer an even better experience for their frontline employees.

The frontline disconnect

of frontline workers don't have access to the right tools to do their job effectively
1 in 3
frontline workers are using 4 or more apps and digital tools in their work
of deskless workers still use mostly paper processes

The best training apps for Microsoft Teams

Whether you’re introducing training for frontline or desk-based teams, we look at two front running contenders that address these respective demographics - eduMe and Viva Learning - the differences between the two, and which one is best suited for your learners and your business needs.

Higher training engagement
Companies who integrate training into their existing technology see a 4X increase in completion rates.
Boosted performance
60% of frontline leaders report wanting more training than they're currently getting, give them the chance to be more successful.
Greater efficiency
61% of businesses highlight lack of time as the biggest blocker to training. Opting for microlearning results in a 300% reduction in time required.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Training in Microsoft Teams

In this guide we uncover the following key topics: 

  • The frontline disconnect
  • The state of frontline training
  • Why Microsoft Teams is the answer
  • The benefits of integrating training into Microsoft Teams
  • The best training apps for Microsoft Teams
  • How to launch training via Microsoft Teams

Download our latest guide to discover the benefits of using Microsoft Teams as an enabler for your training initiatives, and why it's the answer to all your training requirements.

Liz Leigh-Bower Microsoft

We're really excited about eduMe's integration into Teams, because frontline workers can learn in a format that is familiar to them, while staying in the flow of work on Microsoft Teams, where all their other productivity tools are housed.

Liz Leigh-Bower, Modern Work Product Lead, Microsoft

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