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Microlearning platform for your Frontline Workforce

Gone are the days of training using lengthy powerpoint presentations and clunky Learning Management Systems. The global workforce has officially entered the era of punchy, bite-size training strategies.

Microlearning courses can be produced in 300% less time & cost 50% less than traditional training courses

For the Modern Workforce

The way that we consume information has fundamentally changed, with shorter attention spans and a demand for instant access to information on mobile, it's no surprise that the modern workforce demands consumer grade training methods. 

Surfacing training in the formats that learners are most familiar with is the key to driving adoption and ensuring your content has impact.

Boost Workforce Engagement

Training that’s bite size is automatically more engaging for learners - 50% of employees say they would use their company’s learning tools more if the content was shorter. 

Microlearning increases engagement by replicating the addictive content we consume daily. Interactive quizzes and short & snappy videos keep learners more engaged compared with traditional LMS' and powerpoint presentations. 

94% of e-learners prefer microlearning, whilst 65% indicate that their organizations’ courses present too much information

Improved Knowledge Retention

Microlearning is a bite sized method of delivering content to learners, usually around 3-5 minutes, with a focussed learning outcome.

Based on scientific learning theory which demonstrates that when people take in large amounts of information, they typically lose 80% of that knowledge within a month, microlearning drastically combats this forgetting curve.

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Try an eduMe Microlearning lesson for yourself


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Create an even more dynamic microlearning experience by embedding external content such as Matterport into an eduMe lesson.

This example shows a digital twin store, equipping new starters with knowledge of their working environment before they've even seen it with their own eyes, ensuring they're setup for success on day one.

eduMe enables you to embed third party content, including video, clickable prototypes, and other interactive virtual experiences.

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