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Top 10 Benefits of Integrating Microlearning into Workday


For organizations, the benefits of microlearning are clear - microlearning courses can be produced in 300% less time and cost 50% less than traditional training courses. 

The best part? You can integrate microlearning into the tools you’re already using. The Workday microlearning integration lets you seamlessly embed microlearning programs into the platform your team uses every day, reducing digital friction and eliminating the need to download, sign up, log in, and learn a new system.

Here are the top benefits of using a Workday microlearning integration - and why it makes sense for your organization. 

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Why organizations need an integrated microlearning solution

Deskless workers now account for 80% of the global workforce. And while digital technology and tools are booming, Learning and Development (L&D) teams are still struggling to reach and engage frontline employees.

While you’re no doubt all too familiar with the challenges of employee training - especially for frontline workers - here’s a quick breakdown of the problems facing L&D teams in 2024:

  • Hard-to-reach workers: 90% of organizations rely on frontline workers in some way, but they’re notoriously difficult to reach with traditional training. That means essential, ongoing training gets missed and employee safety suffers.
  • Lack of engagement: As many as 65% of employees feel their organizations’ existing training courses are too information-heavy. Outdated, lengthy, and dull training content leads to poor employee engagement, so training is never completed - no matter how many reminders you send.
  • Time constraints: Traditional employee training is often disruptive and inefficient - employees with busy schedules don’t have time to step away from work to complete hour-long modules (and many frontline managers don’t want them to).
  • Key skill gaps: The evolving needs of your business mean there’s a constant requirement for employee training and that’s only going to increase - for example, only 14% of frontline workers report receiving training in Artificial Intelligence but 86% say they need it for their jobs. 
  • Poor knowledge retention: Lack of engagement and interest in learning content leads to poor learning outcomes - 67% of learners admit to not giving traditional training videos their undivided attention. That means your workers probably won’t remember what they’ve learnt and they’re even less likely to put it into practice.

For most organizations, the traditional methods of training simply don’t work for deskless employees. But what’s the solution?

Harnessing the benefits of integrated microlearning

Your team needs a way to effectively train, upskill, and engage frontline employees on-the-go, while simplifying the behind-the-scenes administrative tasks for L&D teams. 

Integrated microlearning solutions like the eduMe-Workday integration allow teams to utilize the benefits of microlearning embedded in the tools your organization uses every day, so training is intuitive, seamless, and simplified.

Here’s a breakdown of the top benefits of integrating microlearning you need to know:

  • Timely learning without adding new tools: Microlearning is delivered at time-of-need with bite-sized content that’s integrated into the tools you know, so there’s no barrier to learning - in fact, leaders reported a whopping 55% improvement in their business after embracing microlearning.
  • Increased engagement and retention: Microlearning is designed to be sticky and engaging, so employees complete training in a fraction of the time and increase their knowledge retention by as much as 20%.
  • Minimal disruption: Integrate microlearning into your existing employee management system to reduce disruption and slash the time it takes to onboard and train employees, while keeping all learner data in one place.
  • Reduced digital friction: 66% of employees experience moderate to high friction when using technology. Integrated microlearning means no app switching, sign-ups or log-ins so digital friction is minimized and your employees can start learning easier and faster.

Integrated microlearning comes with a wide range of benefits for organizations helping to increase the speed, efficiency, and outcomes of employee training.

But wait, there’s more - you can take advantage of the Workday microlearning integration to slot microlearning programs into your existing Workday system. Here’s what you need to know about the Workday microlearning solution for your team.

What is the Workday microlearning integration?

Workday is a well-known and much-loved employee training solution with over 65 million users worldwide. Workday's “all-in-one” comprehensive suite of solutions provides employers with a center for all their HR operations - including payroll, workforce management, and learning. 

Thanks to the popularity of the Workday hub, Workday Learning has become the go-to Learning Management System (LMS) for organizations across a range of industries. But while there’s a lot to love about Workday Learning, it has lacked a comprehensive microlearning solution in the past.

47% of Learning and Development (L&D) teams plan to deploy microlearning programs in 2024 - and that’s where the eduMe Workday microlearning integration comes in.

The Workday eduMe integration extends the potential and performance of Workday Learning by offering microlearning that’s tailor-made for frontline teams. This Workday integration is designed to make microlearning simple with immersive, engaging, social-media style content that’s delivered within Workday - or via SMS, email, QR code, and more. 

Workday microlearning integration - microlearning embedded in worklet

It’s also highly personalized thanks to eduMe’s needs-based training that allows for dynamic, learner-specific libraries that are updated based on location, role, or events. And you can easily track training performance from within Workday.

We support eduMe because of its innovative training and learning platform that helps organizations navigate change and grow while serving an ever-expanding deskless workforce.

- Mark Peek, Managing Director and Head, Workday Ventures

Curious to know more? Here’s a deeper look at the top 10 benefits of the Workday microlearning integration - and why integrating makes sense for organizations.

10 benefits of the Workday microlearning integration

The eduMe Workday microlearning integration is designed to make frontline employee training efficient, easy, and engaging for your learners. We’ve broken down the benefits of integrated microlearning for both admins and employees.

5 benefits of Workday microlearning for admin teams

1. Increase the impact of employee training

Traditional training programs aren’t enough to reach and engage deskless workers. Most learners won’t watch videos that are longer than 4 minutes. Lack of time, limited engagement, and poor accessibility means essential onboarding and training gets missed for frontline teams, impacting operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, and even compromising safety. 

So you’ve spent a hefty portion of your budget on a 10-part course of hour-long video training modules? Your frontline workers probably aren’t going to watch it. And if they do? They’ll only retain a fraction of what you’re trying to teach them.

The alternative? Opting for bite-sized, highly relevant and personalized training that fits into the flow of work. Short-form, snackable video training content in “TikTok-style” guides that your workers actually want to complete and will keep coming back to.

When you increase the impact of employee training, you empower your employees to work more effectively - helping to improve the customer experience, increase brand loyalty, and reduce customer churn. Happy customers also turn into brand advocates, generating more positive reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, and ultimately revenue for your business.

2. Streamline administrative processes

With the Workday microlearning integration, all your data is in one place. Automatic syncing means your data is kept up-to-date and ready to use, with no manual entry and admin needed, reducing the risk of human error and minimizing the time your team spends on repetitive tasks. In fact, automation reduces the amount of manual data entry work needed by teams by as much as 80%

With the Workday microlearning integration, frontline training admin is effortless. Any changes you make in eduMe - including adding members, changing roles, or editing locations - are automatically transferred to Workday. 

You can also use Workday to track learner progress and engagement with your microlearning content, generate automatic reports, and measure key metrics to monitor the performance of your training program, helping you make data-driven decisions to best serve frontline teams.

3. Improve onboarding and on-the-job performance

With the Workday microlearning integration, knowledge is continually delivered in the moment and available to be returned to as needed. This means that on-the-job performance is improved - whether that’s serving customers better, selling more, carrying out better quality testing, or any other essential tasks.

The process of onboarding employees is made simple thanks to engaging, easy-to-digest microlearning content that doesn’t feel overwhelming while providing all the essential information needed for new hires. You can even share training content with new employees before they start, so they can hit the ground running from day one.

And thanks to faster, more efficient training, there’s a shorter time-to-productivity for new employees, so they can get started on what they were hired to do rather than being stuck in the training stage.

If your frontline workers are unsure of a process or have questions, they can simply go to the Workday microlearning integration and access the exact content they need via the Knowledge Hub - an always-accessible LMS content library. 

The result? More informed employees who feel empowered to do better and be better at work. The stats speak for themselves - 7 in 10 people say learning improves their sense of connection with their organization and 8 in 10 people say learning adds purpose to their work. That means employees are more motivated, engaged, and loyal to your organization, reducing employee turnover. In fact, as many as 69% of employees report they’re more likely to stay with a company for 3+ years if they have a positive onboarding experience.

4. Limit the learning curve

The beauty of integrating microlearning into Workday is there’s little to no learning curve for you and your team. Rather than learning a whole new system, you’re using the tools you know and love. All your data entry and tracking stays in Workday, in a familiar and known interface - and the eduMe dashboard is embedded within Workday too.

The eduMe Workday microlearning integration lets you create and assign training in eduMe and publish and track progress in Workday, so you get all the benefits of eduMe’s extra engaging micro-video content embedded in a system where you and your frontline feel at home.

What’s more, eduMe’s Workday microlearning integration is designed to be intuitive and user friendly. Learning content is created in just a few taps, so you can get your microlearning program up and running asap. And if you need a helping hand, eduMe’s suite of AI-driven tools help you create content in seconds rather than weeks.

5. Reduce training costs

As well as the operational efficiency and ease Workday microlearning gives teams, there’s also a cost benefit too. Microlearning typically costs less than traditional, in-person training - as much as 50% lower.

Forget about paying for your frontline teams to travel to and attend in-person training. It’s all available in the tools they’re already using, ready to access whenever they need to refresh their knowledge or upskill.

While every organization is different, integrating microlearning content within Workday has the potential to dramatically reduce training costs - while increasing the ROI from your employee training. And well-trained employees are better at what they do, helping to increase workplace productivity and generate more revenue for your business.

Downloadable Guide - How to Train your Frontline Workers in Workday

Learn how to provide seamless access to engaging, frontline-optimized training within your existing Workday ecosystem - driving higher completions, and better ROI.

Download the Guide

5 benefits of Workday microlearning for learners

The benefits of integrated microlearning tools are clear for L&D and admin teams - but what about for learners? Here are the top 5 benefits of Workday microlearning for your frontline.

1. Increase training engagement

Your frontline workers’ requirements for training are clear - 93% of employees want easy-to-complete training and 49% of employees prefer to learn at the point of need. 

According to a survey of learning and development professionals, 94% of learners prefer microlearning to traditional training methods. If you rely on frontline teams in your organization, Workday microlearning is a must-have addition to your employee training toolbelt.

Highly mobile frontline teams and deskless workers don’t have the time to sit down and complete formal training and they don’t want to learn how to use another app. By embedding microlearning into the tools they already know and use daily, you can drastically increase engagement and reduce digital friction - thanks to no extra log-ins, no app switching, and no distractions along the way.

If your learners can open up their Workday app and access bite-sized training then and there, they can fit learning into their daily routine and upskill on-the-go. It’s as simple as that.

2. Minimize training time

When it comes to training employees, one of the biggest challenges facing organizations is the time investment involved. Employee training takes up valuable time that your workforce don’t have, resulting in a constant conflict - you need to train your frontline teams but they don’t have the time or the energy to dedicate to completing long-form content.

And when you do manage to carve out time for training, the big chunk of their day that is dedicated to completing a course often has minimal impact due to limited engagement and even worse knowledge retention. The result? Wasted time (and resources) for minimal gain.

Key stats: 

  • According to a LinkedIn survey, lack of time is the #1 reason employees feel held back from learning.
  • Employees are granted just 24 minutes per week for training on average.
  • Most employees have just 1% of a typical work week to focus on training and development.

Rather than fighting a losing battle with your frontline, microlearning offers a faster and more efficient way to train frontline workers. And by integrating a microlearning solution into the tools you use every day, you can slash employee training time and increase engagement.

The Workday microlearning integration allows frontline workers to complete training content without disrupting their day - it takes minutes to complete a training program so training is delivered effortlessly, in the flow of work. And users get instant, passwordless access to eduMe within Workday via app banners, Spotlight Cards, catalogs, and more.

3. Greater flexibility and personalization 

It’s probably no surprise to you that 58% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace and 91% want their training to be personalized and relevant.

The Workday microlearning integration delivers a highly personalized, dynamic learning experience that adapts to your individual employees’ needs. Individualized learning programs are created according to user activity, role, location, title, and past training.

eduMe is also designed to trigger training based on performance - if a location or branch gets a bad customer review, for example, employees are prompted to complete a refresher course to address any issues and skill gaps immediately to empower your frontline to do better and learn faster.

4. Support and reinforce in-person training

Chances are, some elements of your in-person employee training can’t be replaced by online learning. Your frontline workers need hands-on experience for some aspects of their jobs - but in-person training suffers from limitations, including cost, lack of scalability, and poor standardization. 

Microlearning is the perfect in-between. With snackable digital training content, you can reinforce learning and refresh knowledge as you go. The best part? Microlearning offers round-the-clock availability, so employees can revisit and reassess content whenever they need. 

89% of employees want training available anywhere and anytime they need to do their job. The eduMe Workday microlearning integration offers the ideal blend - eduMe offers bite-sized learning that adapts based on training need and employees have a vault of valuable content that they can access at any time and anywhere all within the Workday app, including scenario-based tasks and point-of-view walkthroughs.

5. Improve safety and compliance

Health, safety and compliance are a top priority for organizations - but just 12% of companies have an advanced compliance and ethics training program and as many as 40% of companies rate their compliance programs as basic or reactive. 

The simple solution? Make safety and compliance training accessible with short-form microlearning content at your employees’ fingertips. With the Workday microlearning integration, you can assign training within Workday and learners can tap through essential training content and implement lessons instantly, for safer, cleaner, and more efficient workplaces. 

Case study: Workday microlearning in a top retail chain

Pet Supermarket is a leading US-based retail chain selling pet products. With a majority frontline workforce, Pet Supermarket were struggling to train their employees on-the-job.

Using the eduMe Workday microlearning solution, Pet Supermarket were able to dramatically increase their average training completion rate while improving their workplace satisfaction store and slashing employee turnover.

Improving Frontline Retail Training - Workday Microlearning Integration with contextual QR codes

Key stats:

  • Average training completion rate surged to 79%
  • 2 min average completion time for Workday microlearning modules
  • 98% workplace satisfaction score
  • 52% decrease in employee turnover

By using well-placed QR codes on Pet Supermarket stores, employees were given the opportunity to upskill in the flow of work to increase their knowledge and better serve customers. The result? A dramatic increase in workplace satisfaction scores and reduction in employee turnover.

The integration allows us to get engaging training to employees in a way that is perfect for those on the frontline

- Theresa Micheli, Director of store operations at Pet Supermarket

Want to learn more? Read the full Pet Supermarket case study here.

Get the Workday microlearning integration to increase employee retention

Employee training doesn’t have to be a slog. The eduMe Workday microlearning solution is designed to make training your frontline workforce easier than ever before. 

While Workday is an extremely powerful employee training tool, if you want to make sure your employees engage with your training - including increasing completion rates, learning outcomes, and employee satisfaction - you need to be using a microlearning solution. By utilizing the eduMe Workday microlearning integration, you can provide your employees with training that’s simple, quick, and fun to complete.

It’s basic math. The more your employees gain from your training content, the more empowered they are to perform better at work, the more satisfied they are with their job, and the more likely they are to stick with your organization. 

But don’t just take our word for it - check out this case study from APC Overnight to see how they achieved a 20% reduction in injuries year-on-year and 5% uptick in frontline staff retention with eduMe.

Want to see how the integration works? Book a slot with the team for a personalized demo 👇