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5 Best Workday Integrations for Organizations in 2024


Organizations are now using more applications than ever before, with most businesses using as many as 1,061 different applications on average, according to a joint report by Salesforce and Deloitte.

And just 29% of these applications are integrated.

Organizations that fail to take advantage of integration harm their digital transformation and lose out on opportunities for greater efficiency, cost-savings, and improved customer experience.

If you’re currently a Workday customer, it’s time to start taking advantage of the wide range of Workday integrations on offer to help reduce digital friction, boost productivity, and improve efficiency in your organization across HR, payroll, learning and development, and more.

Here are the best workday integrations for your organization in 2024 - including key features and top benefits of each solution.

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Understanding Workday and the value of integrations

Workday is a global provider of enterprise cloud applications for human resources, offering comprehensive solutions for financial management and human capital management. Trusted by more than 10,000 organizations worldwide, Workday offers solutions for a wide range of businesses, from mid-sized firms to more than 50% of the Fortune 500.

Chances are you’re already using Workday for multiple tasks within your organization, from timekeeping to payroll to learning and development. But if you’re not using Workday integrations then you’re not getting the most out of the solution.

In fact, most organizations aren’t utilizing Workday integrations as much as they could be.

  • Our survey of over 300 business leaders revealed that 89% of retail and hospitality organizations are using Workday or a similar tool for their frontline - but over 65% have a standalone training application, rather than an integrated solution.Navigating Business Challenges in Retail and Hospitality: Insights and Strategies for 2024
  • A study by ADP found that participants were spending an estimated 22 hours per week on average managing the data flow between their HR and payroll systems.
  • Over half of all respondents (56%) said they don’t have full visibility of payroll performance, accuracy and data across their global locations.
  • 94% of global organizations want to see more integration across all their HR and payroll systems.

If you can harness the wide range of Workday integrations on offer, you can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your HR and payroll teams, while delivering a seamless experience for employees, helping your business to adapt and thrive in 2024 and beyond. 

Here’s what you need to know about Workday integrations and the best Workday integrations on the market.

What can Workday integrate with?

There is a wide range of Workday integrations that can be used to improve productivity, efficiency, and employee experience in your organization.

Here are 5 common Workday integrations:

  • Workday and external HCM software
  • Workday and Learning and Development tools
  • Workday and Timekeeping tools
  • Workday and Payroll Management software
  • Workday and OKR software

Whether you’re looking to improve the speed and efficiency of payroll administration, time-tracking, or training frontline teams, Workday integrations can help you create a more streamlined experience for administrators and employees.

5 Best Workday Integrations for 2024

Best Workday HCM integration


  • Automate end-to-end HR processes
  • User-friendly Knowledge Base for your HR policies
  • Easily find and share documents between departments

Best Workday Learning and Development integration


  • Deliver passwordless access to training within the Workday interface or through external channels
  • Automate training assignment  based on user activity and attributes 
  • Automatically sync completion data to track progress in Workday

Best Workday Payroll integration


  • Automatically sync new hire data
  • Automatically update current employee data
  • Instantly calculate employee benefits for payroll deductions

Best Workday Timekeeping software integration


  • Track employees’ billable hours and request and approve time-off
  • Instantly import attendance, time, and expense reports
  • Schedule auto-reports for time-tracking data

Best Workday OKR software integration

Culture AMP

  • Import all employee data directly from Workday
  • Daily automatic data syncing
  • Distribute insights using hierarchy and reporting line information

1. Best Workday HCM software integration - UKG

Providing HR, payroll and talent management solutions, UKG is one of the world’s top HCM cloud companies specializing in people-first technology for organizations. With over 70,000 users globally, UKG’s HCM software is designed to automate repetitive administrative and HR tasks, offering a one-stop-shop for human management and freeing up more time for your employees to focus on your customers, training and development, and growth.

The UKG Workday integration allows teams to build out people-based processes beyond the capabilities of Workday, driving measurable results for HR teams with easy-to-use technology that puts the power in the hands of your HR. The UKG Workday integration provides a complete picture of your workforce that’s up-to-date, relevant, and user-friendly, so you can empower HR teams to take control of tasks and processes, without input from IT teams.

UKG Workday integration features

  • Automate end-to-end HR processes between UKG and Workday
  • Offer employees a user-friendly knowledge base for HR policies
  • Easily find and share documents between different departments and location

UKG Workday integration top benefits

  • User-friendly technology to empower HR to build processes without IT
  • Centralized view to manage compliance and improve efficiency
  • Leverages people data to offer personalized, guided processes

2. Best Workday Learning and Development integration -eduMe 

Group 32-2

Built to serve the frontline, eduMe is dedicated to bridging the gap between HQ and your frontline workforce by delivering instant access to engaging, relevant training at the time of need. Create training materials in minutes and deliver them to your frontline in the flow of everyday work, via the apps they’re already using. 

The eduMe Workday integration takes employee training one step further, combining the power of Workday Learning technology with a tailor-made solution for frontline teams. We’re pretty confident this is the best Workday learning and development integration you can find (but of course we’re biased). 

→Watch a short video demonstration of our Workday integration

Why? The eduMe Workday integration grants your frontline workers passwordless access to the specific knowledge they need to excel. Bite-sized microlearning training can be accessed on-the-go, wherever your employees are working from, and absorbed in social-media style formats that they know and love.

Workday Certified Badge copyThe eduMe workday integration simplifies learner management with an ongoing user sync which ensures personalized training delivery as well as allowing for easy training assignment based on up-to-date employee demographics. 

Training can be accessed via the Workday interface itself, or, if your team doesn't access Workday often, via your own app, or external channels like email, QR code, SMS. Following training completion, data is sent back to Workday so all your data is housed in one place.

eduMe Workday integration features

  • Deliver passwordless access to training with Workday

  • Assign training to teams based on user attributes and activity
  • Automatically sync completion data to track training progress in Workday

eduMe Workday integration top benefits

  • One-time setup to sync employee data
  • Share personalized, curated training for individuals
  • Make training more accessible and engaging using existing communication channels

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3. Best Workday Payroll integration - ADP Workforce

ADP Workforce Now Demo | ADP

Global HCM company ADP offers an all-in-one solution for payroll and HR, including tax, benefits, time and attendance, and more. With more than 1 million clients across 140 countries, ADP is a go-to choice for organizations looking to streamline payroll processes. 

The Workday ADP integration provides organizations with a frictionless global payroll and HR experience that makes it easier for your payroll administrators to manage, update and sync employee payroll information across your organization. 

Eliminate the need for manual data entry across multiple systems using automatic updates, helping to reduce the risk of human error and cut down time spent on repetitive tasks for HR teams. The integration means your employee data is always up-to-date and processed in real-time, while your HR specialists can focus on more important tasks with a real impact for your organization.

Workday ADP integration features

  • New hires in Workday automatically synced in ADP
  • Current employee data automatically updated in ADP
  • Employee benefits selected in Workday automatically calculated in ADP for payroll deductions

Workday ADP integration top benefits

  • Automatic real-time payroll processing
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency of payroll administration
  • Improve productivity of your HR, IT and payroll departments

4. Best Workday Timekeeping software integration - Clockify

Features - Clockify™

While Workday offers built-in timekeeping features, if you’re looking for the best Workday timekeeping integration, Clockify offers a huge range of helpful time-tracking features, especially for frontline teams.

Clockify delivers comprehensive time-tracking software to organizations, helping your employees to monitor their time, run time audits, manage employee absence and more. Clockify also includes employee monitoring features like GPS tracking and screenshots to keep track of employees’ screens when they're working remotely. Clockify’s off-line features even allow frontline employees to track their time with no internet connection and automatically sync time logs when they’re back online.

Clockify Workday integration features

  • Track employees’ billable hours, set leave policies, and request and approve time-off
  • Import attendance, time, and expense reports from Clockify to Workday
  • Schedule auto-reports for time-tracking data

Clockify Workday integration top benefits

  • Simplify time-tracking, PTO and expense management
  • Track employee attendance and overtime
  • Get GPS tracking and offline time tracking tools

5. Best Workday OKR Software integration - Culture Amp

OKR Software - Better employee goal tracking | Culture Amp

Culture Amp is a leading employee feedback and analytics platform that’s designed to improve employee engagement and promote high-performing teams. The Workday Culture Amp integration puts performance tracking front and center in your organization, making it one of the best Workday OKR software integrations on offer for enterprises. 

This top-tier Workday integration helps make employee feedback work for everyone, using the channels your organization uses every day to measure performance outcomes and employee engagement, ensuring employee data is always up-to-date and making gathering employee feedback easy and intuitive.

Workday Culture Amp integration features

  • Import all employee data directly from Workday
  • Data automatically synced daily
  • Easily distribute insights using hierarchy and reporting line information

Workday Culture Amp integration top benefits

  • Make regular employee surveys easy and efficient
  • Ensure employee data is always up-to-date
  • Improve the quality of your insights with daily updates

Downloadable Guide - How to Train your Frontline Workers in Workday

Learn how to provide seamless access to engaging, frontline-optimized training within your existing Workday ecosystem - driving higher completions, and better ROI.

Download the Guide

Workday integration case study - Pet Supermarket

Leading US-based retail brand Pet Supermarket was hunting for a training solution that would help them reach their retail employees across 200+ branches, empowering their frontline workers to become product experts and deliver best-in-class in-store customer experiences.

As an existing Workday customer, it made sense for Pet Supermarket to utilize Workday to deliver their training and the eduMe Workday integration made the process seamless and simple. 

Using the eduMe Workday integration, eduMe delivered a social-media style training program to enable Pet Supermarket’s majority Gen Z frontline employees to learn on the shop floor, in the flow of work, with QR codes linked to key topics like promotions, products, and customer care. 

Key stats: 

  • 79% average training completion rate
  • 2 minute average lesson completion time
  • 98% workforce satisfaction score

The bite-sized microlearning format enabled higher completion rates and standardized training across locations, allowing Pet Supermarket to improve CX and employee engagement.

Confidence comes from being knowledgeable about what they’re talking about, their love of the industry and pets. eduMe is at the center of that…

-Theresa Micheli, Senior Manager Store Operations, Pet Supermarket

Final Verdict

These Workday integrations are the best on the market for delivering streamlined tools to your employees for faster, better communication and administration across payroll, timekeeping, learning and development, and more.

The eduMe Workday integration lets you leverage existing employee data to deliver the right training to the right people while monitoring completions within Workday Learning.

We support eduMe because of its innovative training and learning platform that helps organizations navigate change and grow while serving an ever-expanding deskless workforce.

-Mark Peek, Managing Director & Co-head, Wokrday Ventures

Our seamless integration makes everyday tasks easy, including automating assignments, sharing training, and delivering highly relevant, bite-sized training to your employees in the flow of work. The result? Less time spent training and more time spent driving results for your organization.

Want to see how it works? Book a slot with the team for a personalized demo 👇