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  • Recruited drivers 3.5 times faster, reducing time to hire
  • Increased drivers’ quality of service by 10%
  • Increased applicant quality by 4%
  • Streamlined costs in order to successfully scale

I expect there’ll be tremendous yearly savings. eduMe helped us reduce labor costs involved as we're trying to scale up

Charles Douthitt, Co-Founder, Takeout Central

How did Takeout Central achieve Workforce Success with eduMe?

Takeout Central, a North Carolina-based food delivery company serving 13 U.S. cities with sights set on further expansion, were looking for a way to improve the productivity of internal processes and the quality of their customer-facing drivers. eduMe’s Workforce Success platform provided the perfect medium through which to achieve this.

Takeout Central’s Challenge

Takeout Central sought a solution to improve their onboarding processes in order to maximize customer satisfaction, organizational productivity and stand unchallenged in the market.

Prior to eduMe their hiring process was multi-staged and required in-person training sessions. This slowed down time to recruitment, had associated labor costs, was unscalable and meant information was not standardized.

Before it was all human centred training. eduMe has provided a much more streamlined and reliable way to make sure our new drivers get the information they need.

Charles Douthitt, Co-Founder, Takeout Central

In order to achieve their vision of redefining restaurant delivery and exceeding expectations through service, Takeout Central needed a tool that would help them streamline onboarding to reduce time to hire, enable growth at scale and improve the caliber of applicants.

eduMe’s Solution

eduMe provided Takeout Central with a solution - easily accessible onboarding training delivered directly to the smartphones of those that needed it, putting relevant knowledge in the palms of their hands.

With eduMe you know exactly what the user is experiencing and you also can capture how much they retained.

Charles Douthitt, Co-Founder, Takeout Central

This achieved a number of things - it eliminated the need for costly in-person training, improved productivity of processes by reducing time to hire, and ensured quality of service as those hired were ready to deliver the same, gold standard of service from Day One. 

A restaurant partner told one of our client success managers that he brags about our service to other restaurants because our drivers are alway more thoughtful, and professional than the competition. I'm certain that eduMe has improved the quality of our delivery partners so much that we’re at a competitive advantage.

Charles Douthitt, Co-Founder, Takeout Central

Engaging microlearning

With interactive elements like quizzes, microlearning delivered via eduMe is packaged in bite-sized 2-5 minute chunks to engage a busy, on-the-go workforce. Takeout Central drivers were empowered with the knowledge they needed to deliver 5-star, brand-boosting customer service, every time.

Quality assurance

eduMe’s analytics give full insight into performance on an individual level. Armed with this data, knowledge gaps can be pinpointed to supercharge performance. In addition, eduMe enabled standardization of training material for Takeout Central making sure the same quality of training was received by all.

eduMe has given us a great deal of confidence that all our drivers are being onboarded in a standardized fashion. It allows us to ensure that we're providing the same quality across the spectrum of all our potential hires regardless of the market.

Charles Douthitt, Co-Founder, Takeout Central

High volume onboarding

Being accessible via personal mobile devices from anywhere and at any time, eduMe enables training programs to be rolled out at scale by cutting out middlemen and the need for travel. This opened doors for greater expansion to even more locations for Takeout Central.

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Integrations for seamless workflows

eduMe’s Fountain integration meant drivers seamlessly flowed from one stage to the next in the hiring-onboarding process, no manual input or human intervention necessary. This frictionless technological experience improved first impressions and meant drivers were ready to start earning and delivering quicker.

Fountain logo

The Results

In just 4 weeks, Takeout Central began to see significant improvements in productivity.

On account of eduMe’s concise mobile learning that eliminated the need for the company to meet drivers in-person, time to hire was reduced from 3.5 days to just 1 day. Drivers were ready for onboarding 3.5 times quicker than before, facilitating a more scalable model for the company.

eduMe Fountain's integration has been a critical tool in reducing the man hours required and provided a consistent hiring process across all our markets. The leadership team has confidence that any new delivery partner understands the most important aspects of the job and we are in compliance with the thorny issues around 1099 contractors.

Charles Douthitt, Co-Founder, Takeout Central

While processes were markedly sped up, quality was uncompromised, in fact - it increased. Following the distribution of a course to drivers on how to elevate performance, service and become a ‘Delivery Hero’, the company saw a 10% rise in the number of those that were achieving ‘Delivery Hero’ status, which requires maintaining consistently high ratings, delivery times and level of activity, among other things.

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