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Uber & eduMe Case Study: Proving the value of mobile delivery


We’re thrilled to be working with Uber in multiple markets! Want to know why Uber chose eduMe as a reliable, cost-effective solution for getting new driver partners up to speed?  

Uber pitted the eduMe platform against face to face training by giving new driver partners the choice between attending an in-person session and doing it via mobile.  The most important business metrics were tracked by Uber for both groups.  The results?

  • Time to first trip: the eduMe group was 13% faster to start driving and earning money for themselves and Uber.

  • Rider ratings: rider satisfaction was just as high with the eduMe group

  • Trips taken per week: the eduMe group proved to be as active as their in-person peers

By providing information through a mobile platform, eduMe has significantly reduced the pressure on Uber’s support centre, resulting in cost as well as time savings. The initiative is also helping to support Uber’s growth by getting driver partners on the road more quickly: they can access the platform anytime, anywhere.

What does Uber think of eduMe's mobile solution?

“In South Africa, we’re constantly thinking of ways to reduce the need for driver partners to come into the Uber support centre. We decided to offer them the opportunity to start driving with Uber faster, in a scalable way without increasing support costs.

driver partners have enjoyed using eduMe’s mobile solution. We aim to get all driver partners to complete an online session to take the pressure off the Uber support centre. Having seen the results in Johannesburg, we’re now working with eduMe in multiple markets.”

- Kylie Joseph, Operations and Logistics Manager, Uber

Do driver partners like eduMe?

98% would recommend the eduMe session to a new Uber driver-partner. Why? Because it's easy to use, relevant and pitched at exactly the right level. And 100% of driver partners agreed that the platform provided useful guidance.

“It was so insightful and educating. As a new driver, I believe I am good to go...”

- Ikuesan, Driver-Partner, Nigeria

“It’s straight to the point and saves time and money.”

- Moloko, Driver-Partner, South Africa

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