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US rideshare service Alto choose eduMe to deliver onboarding training at scale


We are very pleased to announce Alto, the US company redefining rideshare, is the latest to join our fast growing client list.

Casey Huerta, Training and Development Manager, said of the partnership: 

We are excited to partner with eduMe to increase the speed at which we can onboard new drivers, and to achieve training consistency across all Alto markets as we scale into new cities around the world.

We look forward to collaborating with Alto to achieve Workforce Success with scalable onboarding training that enables the company’s expansion 🚀

About Alto

Alto is a transportation company with a mission to change the paradigm in ride-hailing. By  hiring drivers as W-2 employees and using a vertically integrated model with their own fleet of luxury vehicles, Alto aims to provide a high quality experience to customers, and deliver more value to drivers and local communities.

Alto was launched in Dallas in 2019 by Will Coleman, a former transportation consultant for McKinsey & Company, and has since expanded to Houston and Los Angeles. By 2025, the rideshare service plans to expand to every major metropolitan area in the US. The company’s focus is on safety and comfort, screening, training and performance-managing drivers, and allowing customers to optimize their journey by using the Alto app to control their experience.

We spoke to Casey Huerta, Training and Development Manager, to find out more about how Alto will use eduMe. 

What problem were you looking to solve?

We were looking to improve our new hire onboarding process by making information more accessible to new drivers, while also sharing content that’s more engaging and easy to retain. 

Why did eduMe stand out?

eduMe stood out because it was easy to use, and because of their emphasis on microlearning. Adults learn best when content is bite sized and engages the 3 learning styles - audio, visual, and kinesthetic. 

Their support and dedication to their clients success is also a huge reason why we chose to partner with eduMe over any alternatives. 

We are excited to embark on this journey with eduMe!

eduMe and Alto

Alto will initially be using our mobile-based training platform to onboard a greater volume of drivers to the same standard in less time, and ensure high customer satisfaction.

“Workforce Success to Alto means setting our drivers up to excel in what they do. To create an environment where employees feel supported and that they have resources available to them to learn, grow, and develop with Alto. If they succeed, we all succeed.”  - Casey Huerta, Training and Development Manager

By putting relevant training in the palm of drivers’ hands, eduMe will enable Alto to grow by  saving time, improving productivity and maintaining quality of service.

You can connect with Alto on LinkedIn, Instagram, or learn more via their website.

Welcome to the family, Alto! 🚀