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  • Reduction in training time from 6 to 1 weeks
  • 66% increase in sales in 3 months
  • 5,000 hours saved in training annually
  • Travel costs minimized by $1,400 per person

Our objective was to improve the productivity of our sales agents - eduMe has enabled us to achieve this

Patty Gómez, Frontline Sales Manager, Tigo Honduras

How did Tigo achieve Workforce Success with eduMe?

Tigo’s challenge

As a leading provider of cable and mobile services, Tigo needed a more effective way to reach their distribution network of on-the-ground sales agents, who are spread out nationally and responsible for selling a wide range of products, as well as providing a 5-star customer service.

When your workforce is deskless, communication is inherently difficult. Poor communication and transfer of vital information can lead to inconsistencies in service, jeopardized safety, low performance and degradation of brand.

eduMe has immensely helped us be close to our collaborators at any time or place

Tigo’s aims were to keep agents up to date on products, promotions and pricing, deliver sales training, and foster a sense of entrepreneurship. Their existing channels to train, inform and engage their workforce were scattered - a combination of in-person workshops, printed sales materials, WhatsApp groups and emails.

The right solution had to offer a centralized platform to host information and a streamlined way to disseminate information and deliver skills training. It also needed to fit around the agents’ busy schedules and provide them with immediate access to timely, relevant material at their point of need.

eduMe’s Solution

Tigo found that solution in eduMe, which enabled them to increase the productivity of sales agents, the quality of the service that each individual was able to provide to customers, as well as secure the safety of their frontline agents.

We have learnt how to transform extensive training material, designed for in-person delivery, into microlearning content that we now share with our agents on a regular basis

Improved safety and quality assurance

eduMe has been instrumental to Tigo in the roll out of health and safety related information and initiatives during hurricane season and Covid-19. In order to continue service, learners must score above 85% on certain modules, ensuring ongoing compliance with regulations, health and safety.

Engaging microlearning 

Visual information is processed in 250 milliseconds. eduMe’s engaging bite-sized video lessons and message cards make it easy for sales agents to upgrade their skills and learn about new products, features, changes in pricing, offers and promotions and company news.

Providing visibility and focus

eduMe’s comprehensive reporting function shines light on who has completed material and to what standard. This highlights who to focus on regarding supervision or follow-up knowledge and means Tigo can clearly and consistently measure all employees’ success.

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Improved communication

eduMe works flexibly around the busy schedules of dispersed, deskless sales agents. Learning and information meets them seamlessly on-the-go wherever they are, no travel required or lost productivity incurred, and is available whenever they need access to it.

The Results

Since implementing eduMe, Tigo’s workforce has become better informed, leading to tangible bottom line benefits for the company. After being empowered with easy access to the knowledge required to succeed, Tigo saw workforce productivity rise exponentially - sales by agents increased by 66% in just 3 months.

If I need to check something, or refresh my memory while completing a sale, I can quickly find the answers in eduMe

Due to eduMe’s bite-sized microlearning modules that are built to cater to deskless sales agents’ working days, they were able to spend less time on training whilst improving performance. Per day, agents spent 3 hours less on training, freeing up their time to serve more customers. Overall, training time decreased by 83%, from 6 weeks to just 1 week.

Finally, prior to the implementation of eduMe, the company was reliant on face-to-face workshops for training. Face-to-face is cost inefficient for companies - lost productivity, low impact, lack of scalability and transportation expenses all rack up. Since switching to eduMe, Tigo has saved $10,000 in training costs associated with in-person training, including transportation, food, hotels and vehicle depreciation.

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