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Empower your retail workers to deliver a 5* customer experience

Meet your frontline employees where they are with mobile-first training that seamlessly blends into their day-to-day workflow.

Set the gold standard
Go above and beyond to establish outstanding workplace standards and fill the knowledge gaps for new processes.
Secure worker loyalty
Curb employee turnover with personalized learning paths that give your team the skills they need to continuously perform at their best.
Training at their fingertips
Publish learning content seamlessly and equip your employees with everything they need for work on-the-go, saving time and maintaining quality.

Drive faster onboarding and inspire deeper engagement seamlessly within your existing technology stack

Since switching to eduMe our customers have seen

saved on training in first year
reduction in training time
increase in sales

Stunning content your learners will love

Transform the way you create content for your workforce with eduMe’s Creative Studio. 

Curate quizzes, videos and more to win new joiners from day one and enhance knowledge across your teams.


Blended learning, delivered in the flow of work

Connect with your workforce, wherever they are using eduMe’s Learning Experience Hub.

eduMe is built to integrate seamlessly with the tools you already use, making it easy for your team to learn, collaborate, and communicate whilst working on the go.


Deliver a gold standard experience, at scale

Send and assign personalized learning material to relevant groups and teams, in their preferred language. Our seamless, mobile-first approach to the learning experience means that your workforce gets the information they need, at the click of the button.


Boost performance with data-driven a strategies

Track, test and measure the data that truly  matters with our Performance Dashboard.

Gain insight into course performance to inform your training strategy with real-time analytics for daily and monthly activity and completion and pass rates.

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Discover why eduMe is used by over 1 million deskless workers worldwide and see how seamless, embeddable training can impact your workforce performance.