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eduMe's USPs: Part 1 - Combining microlearning and communication

Matthew Brew
Matthew Brew

eduMe is the only mobile-first platform that allows companies to combine communication with microlearning.  Why?  Because this combination results in the knowledge retention and behaviour change that in turn, lead to the business impact experienced by clients such as Uber.  

Let’s take an example from another client - Tigo - the telecom and media company. When they launch a new bundle, their entire salesforce needs to be up to speed on what’s included, how much it costs, and why it’s better than the competition. Tigo use the eduMe platform to send concise communications straight to their sales agents’ phones, which arrive as a stack of swipeable cards.

This allows Tigo to deliver consistent messaging using one streamlined channel, in a format that’s easily digestible. They add pictures and links to make the communications engaging and visually appealing. They then offer engaging micro-lessons related to these updates, which enable the agents to deepen their product knowledge in short bursts of 2 to 4 minutes - again, straight from their phones with minimum effort required.  

Result?  Continuous learning that fits perfectly around busy schedules and short attention spans.

Here are some other ways our clients are combining microlearning and communication to deliver bottom line results:

Increase sales through improved product knowledge

It’s crucial that customer-facing staff know about the latest launches and special offers, but don’t forget about existing products. What are the top three benefits or attributes of your best-sellers?  Does everyone know them? If not, you run the risk of missed sales opportunities.

M-KOPA has a highly dispersed sales force who are out and about all day, meeting customers. They’re improving product knowledge by using eduMe’s instant or scheduled communication feature to send out regular reminders of their products’ most important features.  

Drive productivity through improved skills

Behaviour change isn’t only achieved through lessons and courses, it can also take place through short tips and reminders that complement and reinforce online and offline training initiatives.

For example, a retailer is using eduMe to send practical tips to its sales representatives on a regular basis, as part of our “little and often” approach to learning. These cover topics such as how to give great customer service, how to deal with frequently asked questions, and how to close sales.  

This is what bite-sized, or micro-learning is all about - improving knowledge retention and fighting that Forgetting Curve

Reduce staff turnover

A group of Stanford researchers and Y-Combinator alumni surveyed 1,000 on-demand workers who said they would leave if their earnings aren’t up to expectations. No surprises there.

We’re tackling churn by enabling our clients to equip their staff with the skills and knowledge they need to improve performance, and increase earnings, hence reducing turnover. That’s not the whole story though. Earnings are important, but so is a sense of belonging and loyalty. Creating this can be challenging in any context, but perhaps more so when working with a mobile workforce.

Our clients are using eduMe’s communication feature to send out company news and updates, helping to make people feel part of the organisation.

For example, the on-demand delivery company, Rappi, are using the communication feature to share employee success stories, reminding the customer service team that they can achieve great things (and great commission) with the company.

Part of the secret sauce here (sorry - we can’t share the whole recipe but take a look at some insights here) is grabbing people’s attention when they have busy schedules. That’s where our communication feature comes in - it allows you to draw your learners into the eduMe app. They receive notifications informing them that important and relevant messages are available in their stack of cards.

Once they’re up to date, we make it easy for them to spend a few more minutes in the app, upgrading their skills so that they can perform better in their jobs. In this way, communication and training complement and reinforce each other, allowing people to learn in short bursts, without having to set aside large chunks of time.

By keeping learning concise, engaging and accessible from a smartphone, our clients are finding that their workforces are more skilled, motivated and productive.

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