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Discover integrations with the tools you use

Our partnerships and flexible API enables you to automate the most common tasks to ensure smooth delivery of your training program.

Onboarding & Applicant Tracking

Make hiring easy and add eduMe into your Applicant Tracking System which delivers a seamless way to get critical onboarding information and training during the application process.

Communication & Delivery Tools

Distribute relevant training content in an instant to the right teams, at the right time. Progress and performance is then automatically tracked allowing learning to be triggered through workflows.

HR & Performance Management

eduMe lessons appear contextually within your workforce management platform, giving workers seamless access to relevant knowledge in the flow of their working day.

Powerful and flexible

With our integration options we make it easier for you to create users, implement trigger based content delivery and get your automated reports when you need them the most. It also allows you to set triggers to personalise content delivery so learners receive relevant content at exactly the right time to deliver most value to your business.

Dynamic user creation
Create, manage and assign users to specific teams from your existing platforms and workflows.
Triggered content
You can automatically send content based on triggers like time, performance and metrics.
Streamlined reports
Streamline reports from multiple systems and touch points to give you an overview of performance.


Our security is trusted by brands like Uber, Vodafone and Deloitte so you can be confident everything is secure.
With options like SSO and seamless links, you can distribute your content globally to 10 or 10 million people with ease.
Our range of integration options means all of your other critical processes plug into eduMe - giving a seamless experience for your workforce.

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