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  • A double-digit increase in driver partners taking their first trip
  • A visible increase in driver partner engagement measured by the amount of time spent driving on the Via platform

We're expanding so we’re very excited to have found out about eduMe’s solution.

Sylvie Zhang, Driver Operations, Via

US public mobility technology company Via Transportation sought a scalable, engaging and efficient way to set incoming cohorts of driver partners up for success from day one. This was needed in order to increase driver readiness and engagement, priming the company for future expansion.

With improving the efficacy of their processes and optimizing operational efficiency top of mind, Via partnered with eduMe.

Via's Challenge

Our goal is to set driver partners up for success before they start driving and using our apps.

Via needed a training solution that strengthened driver partners’ knowledge and allowed better information sharing in addition to their existing long-form formats such as virtual presentation sessions and printed booklets.

Via also wanted to gain additional insights into engagement levels with the material to know whether information was being successfully relayed or retained - existing delivery methods also did not allow for training material to be easily repeated.

A lot of the in-house solutions we had weren’t the most digestible - we needed a way to make things more engaging, for them to retain the information.

With eduMe’s solution, driver partners can start driving on the Via platform with training material readily available on their mobile devices, meaning a smoother start and less need to contact Via’s support team for many driver partners. 

Our Solution

eduMe’s mobile-based training platform made the knowledge driver partners needed to succeed easy to access, quick to complete, and repeatable, meaning driver partners were more knowledgeable and better equipped to start earning faster without additional support from Via.

eduMe has been a tremendous tool in helping us achieve our goals.

Engaging and bite-sized

Learning on eduMe is delivered in bite-sized modules that take minutes to complete, promoting higher engagement and greater knowledge retention, so driver partners can get started quickly and deliver a gold standard of customer service. 

Integrated and seamless

eduMe’s seamless link technology means driver partner partners can jump straight into material seamlessly, without having to download, sign up, or sign in to anything else.

Real-time analytics

Through eduMe Via are able to better analyze the impact of their training initiatives. By tracking open rates, completion rates, user scores and more on quizzes and assessments, the company can identify knowledge gaps and measure performance over time with precision. 

Bring training in-house

eduMe’s content authoring tools cut out the need for external training partners, bringing the ownership of training initiatives in house. Content is easy to create, just as easy to edit, reflects the company’s brand and most importantly - crafted by the people who know what driver partners need the most - Via’s operations team.

The Ultimate Retention Guide for Ride Sharing Companies


Via was able to make content richer and maximize engagement with training material, through use of short-form, interactive formats like instructional videos that could be rewatched at driver partners’ convenience.

eduMe also made access simpler by removing any conventional barriers to accessing information, with one-click, passwordless access to training, reducing the likelihood of drop-off and enabling the company to deliver learning seamlessly to driver partners’ mobile devices. 

We were looking for a partner who had a certain amount of industry experience.


The Results

Since adopting eduMe, Via has seen improved results on multiple fronts, including engagement metrics such as first trip conversions and driver partner retention rates.

Through eduMe, Via was able to deliver a best in class onboarding experience. This translated to a greater proportion of new driver partners who were informationally enriched, confident and eager to start driving with the company. More than 90% of the driver partners found the eduMe content helpful

Driver partners have really enjoyed and benefited from the content.

Not only were more driver partners empowered to begin driving, but due to knowledge being imparted more successfully than before, fewer support tickets were opened, freeing up the support team’s time

eduMe had the best support, integration and best design.

Finally, following eduMe’s implementation driver partners were also more likely to continue driving with the platform.  Via have seen an uptick in retention and fewer driver partners dropping off post-first session, which enabled cost savings for the driver acquisition team.

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