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Seamless Access to Relevant Knowledge

The reason we are the #1 choice for the deskless workforce. Give your workforce seamless, passwordless access to training. We see a 98% training engagement rate with seamless links vs only 32% for SSO. Talk to us to find out more about seamless learning.

Seamless Links

  • Do away with log-ins
  • One-tap access
  • Greater flexibility of users
  • Instant access to content

Seamless Dashboards

  • Access to libraries of learning content
  • One-tap access
  • Create user ‘Academies’
  • Deliver continuous learning

Why Go Seamless?

  • Activation & Engagement improves
  • Completion rates increase
  • Churn decreases
  • Productivity rises
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Integrate Training in your Existing Ecosystem

Our extensive range of integrations makes integrating EduMe effortless

Seamlessly Deliver Mobile Training to your Deskless Workforce

Talk to us about seamless learning to discover why we are the #1 choice for deskless workforce training