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A Training Platform that pays for itself

Allow more of your new joiners and existing workforce to become productive in less time. Increase the quality of their work, setting a base for future performance improvements and higher retention.

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Since switching to eduMe our customers have seen

saved on training in first year
reduction in training time
increase in sales

Features include

Core features

  • Mobile friendly microlearning format
  • Gamified and engaging learner experience
  • Passwordless access to content maximising adoption and completion
  • Surveys, feedback & Net Promoter Score


  • Easy to use creation tool
  • Admin management with multiple roles and permissions
  • Granular user & team management
  • Unlimited admin seats
  • Multiple languages


  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Kick-off meeting to align on goals
  • Regular progress meetings
  • Business Reviews to ensure ROI
  • Customer Support team
  • Online Help Center

Multiple content distribution methods

  • Embedded directly into your mobile app
  • Standalone eduMe end user app
  • Multi-channel distribution through Braze or other tools

Reporting & analytics

  • Real time analytics
  • Content performance reports
  • Downloadable team & user reports

Integrations & Security

  • Open API
  • Native integrations with Fountain, Braze, Quinyx and more
  • Zapier webhook
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Robust & reliable security

eduMe seamless links technology

Single sign on has a 32% completion rate, compared to 98% with eduMe seamless links

Seamless Access to Relevant Knowledge

Give your workforce seamless, passwordless access to training.

Seamless links

  • Do away with log-ins & a separate learning app
  • Instant, one-tap access to training within your existing technology

Knowledge Hubs

  • Access to libraries of learning content
  • Create user 'Academies' & deliver continuous learning

Native Integrations with

Common Questions

eduMe is a mobile-based training platform for the deskless workforce, used by modern companies in more than 60 countries worldwide. By providing their workforce with seamless access to relevant knowledge, companies like Uber, Marriott, Grubhub, Hilton and Vodafone, are enabling their people to achieve Workforce Success.