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  • 14.2% less time spent onboarding
  • 26.2% reduction in time to productivity
  • 14.7% increase in hours worked
  • 6.2% increase in orders delivered

eduMe is very clear, informative and streamlined, easy to navigate and easy for drivers to comprehend

Jared Grebner, Driver Acquisition Manager, Gopuff
Gopuff’s challenge

Gopuff was looking for a solution to deliver information efficiently to its driver-partners. Drivers were not coming away from instructional opportunities fired up to start - or continue - providing delivery services, or knowing how to best maximize their earnings during their time on the platform.

If a driver-partner can activate and be productive and reach the earnings goals they set upfront, they’re more likely to stay active on the platform. eduMe enables us to give them the information required to achieve that

To live up to their promise of delivery within minutes, and a high quality of service that is the same for every customer, every time, Gopuff needed an engaging way to reach and onboard a large network of remote driver-partners.

eduMe’s Solution

eduMe provided Gopuff with a means to improve productivity, quality and onboard quicker through delivery of relevant, accessible information that kept drivers engaged on the platform.

Engaging microlearning

eduMe leverages microlearning to deliver information in bite-sized bursts that better cater to modern learners’ lack of time, technological expectations and shortened attention spans.

eduMe is very clear, informative and streamlined, easy to navigate and easy for drivers to comprehend

Seamless integrations

More friction means more churn. eduMe’s flexible API and integrations meant Gopuff could ensure the smoothest user experience, where drivers seamlessly flow through one stage of the funnel (e.g. hiring) to the next (e.g. onboarding), uninterrupted. One example of this is the native integration with Fountain

Fountain logo

Quicker onboarding, greater productivity  

With on-demand learning delivered to smartphone devices and optimized for drivers’ active schedules, they were empowered with the knowledge necessary to get started, make more deliveries and earn quicker. 

Ease of use

eduMe’s intuitive user-friendly design simplified the content creation process. Gopuff was able to get content in drivers’ hands within 2 hours. No upskilling necessary. 


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The Results

Through use of eduMe, Gopuff was able to cut down time taken to instruct drivers on how to hit the road by 24 hours, onboarding new driver-partners rapidly and at scale. The quicker the process, the more new drivers can be brought onto the platform.

It took people one day less to hit the road as fully operational members of the platform

The faster a driver can start earning, the better for retention - one of the leading causes of contractor churn is real or perceived barriers to earning. Drivers who are able to successfully complete their first delivery are more likely to continue working on the platform. eduMe helped increase the conversion rate of drivers who were ready to take a delivery (but hadn’t yet completed one) to those who became active and started earning on the platform.

eduMe bridged this “ready-to-drive” to “drive” gap, reducing drivers’ time to productivity by 26%. This meant they were not just onboarded but fully operational, actively earning members of Gopuff’s platform, faster. 

We saw a 26% increase in speed for getting people from being ready to drive to actually driving and being productive on the platform

Quicker onboarding and faster time to productivity were just two fronts on which Gopuff saw success. The third was in an uptick in drivers’ overall productivity. Existing drivers put in more hours - a 14.7% increase in hours worked was observed. This increase in hours worked translated to a 6.2% increase in the number of orders being delivered, and more customers left delighted. 

We’re seeing an increase in quality of applicants and more dedicated drivers. Quality has gone up.


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