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We Tried 3 Viva Learning Alternatives - Here’s Our Feedback


Research shows that 89% of employees now want training that’s available anywhere and anytime they need to do their job.

With the right learning solutions, you can deliver seamless access to training in the tools your employees already use, making learning part of every day.

One of the top employee training solutions is Microsoft Viva Learning - but there are many more Viva Learning alternatives out there.

Here are the best Viva Learning alternatives and competitors you need to know about and how they measure up to Microsoft’s product.

Use the links below to skip ahead to the top Viva Learning alternatives - including key features, pricing, and more. 

1. Why Viva Learning?
2. The best Microsoft Viva Learning Alternatives

3. The final call - what's the best Microsoft Viva Learning alternative?

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Why Viva Learning?

It’s no surprise that Viva Learning is one of the best-known employee training solutions on the market - as Microsoft’s own learning product, it has been favored by many businesses that already use Microsoft products every day.

Launched in 2021, Viva Learning offers organizations the chance to train and onboard employees in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.

Users can access the Viva Learning app in MS Teams via their desktop and mobile, as well as adding a dedicated learning tab to existing Teams channels. 

Other features allow employees to share learning content in chats, see recommended learning content and search for learning resources from the libraries connected to Viva Learning. Viva Learning also has a range of integrations, including Coursera, edX, Skillsoft and more.

Microsoft offers Viva Learning as an add-on to Microsoft 365 as part of its Microsoft Viva suite along with Viva Connections, Viva Insights and additional Viva products. Pricing starts at $9.00 per user per month on annual subscriptions.

While Viva Learning has a lot going for it - there are some strong alternatives and competitors that your team should consider to help you choose the solution that’s right for you.

The best Microsoft Viva Learning alternatives

Ready to see the best Microsoft Viva Learning alternatives for your team? Here are the top alternatives on the market right now.

1. eduMe
2. TalentLMS
3. Leapsome

eduMe vs Viva Learning

Deliver essential knowledge to your frontline workforce with eduMe, a leading microlearning solution that’s tailored to deskless workers - get seamless, passwordless access to onboarding, skills, and safety and compliance training directly within the tools you already use.

The eduMe Microsoft Teams integration gives all learners access to training without switching apps or devices, helping to reduce digital friction and make learning part of the daily flow of work.

What makes eduMe better than Viva Learning?

When it comes to continuous training for frontline workers, eduMe is the top solution for organizations. Designed to bring learning into your workers’ every day routine, eduMe removes all barriers to training access for your employees, providing bite-sized microlearning content where they need it.

While Viva Learning offers organizations comprehensive employee training tools, the content is generally longform and generalized. Instead, eduMe is tailor-made for frontline workers, breaking essential learning into chunks for easy on-the-go training.

Get access to essential knowledge in the tools you already use - get rid of unnecessary sign-ins, app switching and searches for relevant content. Give your workers instant access to contextual training, within your company app, Teams or Viva Learning itself.

Admins can create, publish and assign eduMe lessons and courses in minutes - and with intuitive course-building tools, including quizzes, videos, surveys and assessments, eduMe simplifies and speeds up the course creation process.

Once material is created, share lessons easily with your entire frontline using Microsoft Teams. Easily surface courses in private chats or channels and notify your learners when new courses become available to promote higher completion. 

See the insights you need using eduMe’s real-time reporting and analytics tools, including individual, team and company-wide assessment scores, completion rates and activity. Comprehensive reporting lets you stay on top of training success rates and make informed decisions about onboarding, employee development and budgeting - and lets you adapt your strategy according to what works.

Set your frontline workforce up for success by putting all the knowledge they need in one place - to reduce risk, prevent injuries, boost productivity and more.

eduMe pricing

All eduMe pricing is tailored according to your organization and the number of users required. To get a personalized quote for your team, get in touch.

eduMe summary

When it comes to employee onboarding and training, eduMe comes in top for convenience, engagement and seamless access to essential frontline training materials.

The standout features include: 

  • Frictionless access to employee onboarding and ongoing training

  • Mobile-first, fun microlearning format for learners

  • Build, schedule, publish and assign courses directly within Microsoft Teams

  • Share courses with individuals and teams in MS Teams chats or channels

  • Set automated course notifications to boost awareness and course completion rate

  • Get real-time insights to monitor learner course progress and completion metrics

See how eduMe helped mobile services provider Tigo save 5,000 hours in employee training and increase sales by 66% in just 3 months. Read the full case study here.

TalentLMS vs Viva Learning

Fully customizable, easy to use and scalable, TalentLMS offers organizations an all-in-one platform for employee training. The intuitive interface makes learning simple and enjoyable for employees - and it’s quick to create courses, so you can be up and running in just a day.

Personalize your team’s learning experience and add your branding to all your training materials for a more connected experience. Integrations with Microsoft Teams lets you add live training elements to your course design too.

What makes TalentLMS better than Viva Learning?

Backed by Epignosis - a leader in the eLearning industry - TalentLMS is a strong alternative to Viva Learning thanks to its customization tools and straightforward user interface. Build courses fast and give employees access wherever they are with multi-device learning experiences and gamification tools. For organizations with a global workforce, TalentLMS provides a multi-lingual interface to localize training. 

If you’re looking for a more collaborative approach to employee training, TalentLMS offers features to help bring live training elements into your training program. Use the TalentLMS Microsoft Teams integration for online Conferences and Instructor-Led Training units with webinar-style lessons for a human touch.

Scale your employee training program with automation tools and comprehensive reporting to stay on top of employee course completion rates and more.

TalentLMS pricing

To get TalentLMS for your organization, you can choose from a range of pricing plans. TalentLMS offers a free plan that lets you create up to 10 courses and is capped at 5 users. Paid plans start from $69 per month.

For larger organizations, the Premium plan offers unlimited courses, Single Sign-on support and up to 1000 users - prices start at $459 per month for an annual plan. Or request a custom Enterprise plan for over 1000 users with bespoke pricing.

TalentLMS summary

For multilingual teams looking for a comprehensive employee training solution, TalentLMS offers an adaptable and easy-to-use alternative to Viva Learning. 

Top features include:

  • Live video conferencing and instructor-led webinars in Microsoft Teams

  • Multilingual user interface options for localized learning experiences

  • Gamification tools for better adoption and engagement

  • Dedicated customer success manager with Premium plan

leapsome 1

Leapsome vs Viva Learning

Combining learning, engagement and performance management in one platform, Leapsome is a highly-adaptable solution for employee training. Use Leapsome’s learning and development tools to create personalized learning pathways for your employees and track progress with a powerful insights dashboard.

With Leapsome’s Microsoft Teams integration, you can now receive Leapsome’s reminders, notifications and alerts directly in MS Teams - get instant updates on performance reviews, feedback requests, employee surveys and more to make employee engagement part of every day.

What makes Leapsome better than Viva Learning?

Invest in employee development with Leapsome’s powerful platform for training and boost employee engagement and performance. Leapsome Learning includes a wide range of tools to facilitate employee training among remote teams - including customizable learning pathways, automatic rollouts and continuous assessments in the form of quizzes and surveys.

With Leapsome Learning, you can choose to access free professional development and leadership courses or create your own by converting your internal materials into engaging courses. Set up automated timelines for content release to free up more time for your education team and remind learners of key training deadlines. 

Get clarity on employee training with real-time insights into course completion rates, enrollment numbers and more to help you make proactive decisions about employee success and keep your team up-to-date. Maximize results by combining Leapsome Learning with Leapsome’s other employee engagement products for even more functionality and features.

Leapsome pricing

Leapsome calculates pricing based on the number of employees, contract length and the number of modules used. Plans start from $8 per user per month - contact Leapsome for a custom quote.

Leapsome summary

Leapsome’s employee training solution is customizable and comprehensive, integrating with both Microsoft Teams and Leapsome’s wider people enablement platform.

Key features include:

  • Unlimited personalized learning pathways

  • Automated timelines for content release and course completion deadlines

  • Real-time insights into key performance metrics

  • Get notifications, feedback and praise within Microsoft Teams

The final call - what's the best Microsoft Viva Learning alternative?

Viva Learning is a well-known employee training solution - but it’s not the only one out there. These are 3 of the best Microsoft Viva learning alternatives available right now.

Give your frontline workers the knowledge they need to succeed with seamless access to training and onboarding with the eduMe Microsoft Teams integration. Designed to fit naturally into your employee’s flow of work, eduMe makes it easy to deliver essential material to upskill your employees wherever they are, without disruption or distractions.

To see how it works, book a demo.