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How Flagger Force used eduMe’s Beekeeper Integration to Improve Safety and Compliance


How do you ensure safety and compliance among a highly dispersed frontline workforce? How can you create training that is engaging, relevant and delivered right at the point of need?

This is the challenge that Flagger Force was facing, and which eduMe helped them to solve. Via our integration with employee communications app, Beekeeper, we provided Flagger Force with the means to deliver seamless access to bitesize training, helping to establish compliance, increase engagement and drive real business results.

Read on to find out why Flagger Force chose to partner with eduMe for their mobile training, how the integration with Beekeeper works, and the results that they’ve achieved since implementation. 

The challenge: maintaining safety and compliance

Flagger Force, a leading temporary traffic control solution headquartered in Pennsylvania, has a highly dispersed workforce of flaggers and traffic control providers. Unable to bring every one of their frontline workers under one roof, providing their workforce with the right resources to stay safe and compliant while out on the field had become a key challenge.

They needed a way to ensure that their dispersed workers stayed compliant through continuous learning, and show this to their clients. Aiming to improve learner knowledge in 10 competencies to reduce vehicle damage and the number of work-related injuries, they set out to find a mobile learning platform which could keep their workers up to date and allow them to track adoption, engagement and compliance. 

Flagger Force also needed a training platform that was designed to meet the needs of their deskless workforce - i.e. engaging, accessible and easy to use. The learning content needed to be both easy to create and distribute for their not so tech-savvy admins, and easy to access and complete for their on-the-go workers. Flagger Force saw microlearning as the key to improving their training program and keeping employees engaged with their content, and to enabling trainers to condense key compliance information into bitesize 2-3 minute courses that were relevant and fun. 

This would help them to increase timely compliance, inform large groups of employees without interrupting their scheduled work, and improve overall productivity and retention within their deskless workforce. 

At Flagger Force, we are honored to partner with eduMe to meet our team where they are and deliver meaningful, engaging content that makes an impact.


Through eduMe, our leadership team can access robust, real-time analytics to better understand our workforce’s comprehension of different topics and areas of opportunity. eduMe’s microlearning platform is a critical component of Flagger Force’s technology and communications strategy and is the perfect addition to our safety culture.



By taking a proactive approach to integrated safety training and reinforcement, we are driving increases in employee engagement and collaboration, which are critical to our mission of keeping our communities moving safely.

Luke Lazar, Vice President of Risk & Safety at Flagger Force


Our solution: eduMe's Beekeeper integration

eduMe’s mobile learning platform offered Flagger Force a way to provide seamless access to key safety and compliance information. Thanks to our integration with the Beekeeper app, they’re able to surface relevant eduMe learning content front and center within the FF channel and provide one-click access to their training curriculum. 

Surfacing key training within the app their employees are already engaged with and invested in means that Flagger Force are able to meet their workers where they are, and provide direct access to knowledge wherever and whenever they need it. This embeds learning within the flow of work, makes it easy for workers to access the information they need, and helps to prevent operational bottlenecks.

eduMe’s user-friendly Content Studio also enables quick and painless content creation, allowing Flagger Force trainers to create highly engaging learning content within a matter of clicks. Once content is delivered seamlessly to their learners, the FF team is able to better analyze the impact of their training initiatives with our reporting and analytics tools. Tracking engagement and completion rates isn’t just useful from a compliance perspective, but also gives Flagger Force the means to continually develop and improve their training content according to learner behavior and performance. 

eduMe is the gold standard of what it looks like to integrate technically

Tamara Palmer, Internal Communications Manager at Flagger Force

The results

eduMe - which is referred to internally as FF Learn - was launched to Flagger Force employees without any promotional marketing, yet it was a huge success. The team saw an 84% completion rate - nearly 3 times higher than the average rate for optional training - meaning that a large majority of their workers were engaging with and completing their courses right through to the end. 

We asked them: How do you like it? How do you like learning this way? And they loved it.

Their workers loved learning through the eduMe platform, reporting a 92% satisfaction rate with the training content. Presenting information in small, bite size chunks and surfacing content within the app they already use daily made training more accessible, and more suited to their way of working. Flagger Force employees reported being able to complete lessons and brush up on their skills during their breaks, liking that it’s always there and ready to use. Instead of scrolling through social media, they can spend their time upskilling and improving their performance at work. 

This increased engagement and satisfaction with training meant that Flagger Force also saw a 70% adoption rate, helping to reduce vehicle damage and personal injury. Our microlearning format ensured that important safety information was retained and implemented in workers’ day-to-day activities, ensuring compliance for them and their clients. 

In order to help Flagger Force gain maximum impact from their initiative with eduMe, our dedicated teams were there every step of the way to ensure a smooth integration and support a successful launch. Our Customer Success team shared best practices and guided Flagger Force’s training department with tools and resources, while our Engineering team led a seamless integration into their existing Beekeeper channel. 

We are very pleased with eduMe’s 'white glove' treatment of us. It’s been a very successful collaboration.

Switching to seamless learning with eduMe helped Flagger Force drive measurable results for their business, keeping their frontline workers safe, engaged and productive. Our integration with Beekeeper was integral to maximizing engagement and providing direct access to key safety information, setting us apart as the ideal solution for the Flagger Force team. 

To find out more about Flagger Force’s partnership with eduMe and Beekeeper, watch our recent webinar where we delve deeper into the challenges they faced around compliance and retention, and the joint solution our tools were able to provide. 

If you’re interested in learning more about eduMe’s seamless integrations and how we can help improve engagement and compliance among your deskless workforce, book a demo with us today 👇