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We Tried 3 Axonify Alternatives and Competitors - Here’s Our Review


Helping over 3.5 million workers in 160+ countries, Axonify is one of the leading frontline enablement solutions on the market. There’s a reason it’s trusted by over 250 companies worldwide.

But while Axonify has a lot of great features, there are a wide range of Axonify alternatives that could be a better fit for your business and your unique needs.

Here’s our pick of the top Axonify competitors and what they can offer your organization - including key features, pros and cons, pricing, and more. 

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Top 3 Axonify competitors at a glance






  • Simplified two-way communication Translations across 60+ languages
  • Learning content on 650+ topics
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Axonify mobile app
  • Limited features for engaging managers
  • Emphasis on text-based microlearning
  • Limited native integrations


  • Passwordless access to training
  • Social media style short-form videos
  • Real-world scenario-based interactive activities
  • AI-powered tools for faster content creation, including AI translation
  • Embedded customized learning libraries 
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Wide range of out-of-the-box integrations 
  • Doesn’t support long-form training content
  • Less suitable for desk-based workers
  • No standalone app - it integrates into third party tools, devices, your own app, or offers training delivery via other high touch surfaces including email & SMS 


  • AI-driven skill development tools
  • Instant insights into existing skills
  • Build collaborative learning spaces
  • Create an Opportunity Marketplace
  • Connect employees
  • Limited microlearning features
  • More focus on skills rather than training outcomes
  • Less suitable for frontline workers 

Tovuti LMS

  • Host live events and virtual classrooms
  • Pre-built gamification features and 3rd party plugins
  • Automated compliance and ethics training
  • Branding and white labeling available
  • Wide range of API integrations
  • Better suited to desk-based workers
  • Limited functionality for resource-heavy courses
  • Limited microlearning features

Why Axonify?

Axonify is an established platform targeted at businesses with frontline employees. Offering organizations microlearning tools and embedded two-way communication, as well as guided task management, Axonify aims to provide an “all-in-one” solution for your frontline. 

While you’re probably familiar with Axonify already, here’s a quick refresher on the platform’s key features:

Axonify Nudge

One of the top tools in Axonify’s arsenal is Nudge, their training app that specializes in bite-sized, segmented communications tailored to frontline workers. 

Rather than relying on posters, notice boards, and calls to get your message across, deliver streamlined push notifications to workers instantly via the Axonify Nudge app for timely, consistent communication. Chat with your employees with in-app messages to ensure that your communications are seen and heard, without interrupting the flow of work.

By delivering messages and internal communications in nuggets, Axonify Nudge reduces information overload and improves retention for your frontline. That’s backed up by powerful analytics that tell you which messages are resonating with your target audience - and which are missing the mark.

With Nudge, organizations can centralize larger resources in one place. Automatic translations across 60+ languages make two-way communication simple, even among international teams, to deliver critical information to your whole workforce, wherever they are. 

Frontline teams can access training content directly on their mobile or tablet and use the searchable mobile LMS library to find extra help when they need it. The Axonify Nudge app is tailored to every individual to deliver a personalized, data-driven training experience.

Axonify gamification

Axonify also uses a wide range of game mechanics to engage employees throughout your microlearning training. The range of Axonify gamification features on offer include:

  • Leaderboards
  • Virtual coaches
  • Achievement badges
  • Gameplay
  • Social features

Employees get instant feedback on their training performance to see their progress in real time, including progress reports and visual tools like graphs and progress-related badges. 

Axonify also encourages organizations to reward employees with real perks and prizes to make their in-app gameplay even more enticing. In fact, Axonify has tailored its gamification tools to hit engagement rates of up to 83% among employees.


  • Simplify two-way communication with Axonify Nudge
  • Automatic translations across 60+ languages
  • Ready-to-use learning content on 650+ topics
  • Dedicated Axonify mobile app for easy access to training
  • 24/7 customer service and dedicated customer success manager


  • Limited features for engaging managers
  • Emphasis on text-based microlearning content
  • Limited native integrations


Available upon request via Axonify’s website.

Top 3 Axonify alternatives

While Axonify is a reliable LMS, there are many more options on the market that could be a better fit for your organization. Here are the top 3 Axonify competitors - and what they can offer your organization that Axonify doesn’t.

1. eduMe

A leading microlearning solution, eduMe offers organizations ultimate versatility to choose where training is delivered, designed to suit all types of frontline workers and teams.  

Embed training into your own app, share training via email or SMS, or integrate it into a third party tool like Workday or Microsoft Teams. Reduce digital friction with passwordless access to employee training and offer delivery in the flow of work to see training engagement rates of 98% - 3x higher than access methods that have even one log-in screen.

Once employees reach training, keep them engaged with social media-style portrait mode videos, learning scenarios, AR, and build this all in seconds using a suite of advanced AI tools.  

Here are 3 reasons why eduMe is a top Axonify alternative:

eduMe visual learning tools

While Axonify excels at gamified microlearning for employees, training content is largely text-based. This learning format can be a barrier to frontline employees, limiting accessibility and knowledge retention for some learners, while also impacting engagement rates.

AI Guides

Top Axonify alternative eduMe is built for the social media age with training delivered as bite-sized ‘TikTok style’ Guides. Users can access content in the formats they know and love and tap through training to learn the essential information they need when they need it. With Scenario Videos, you can also immerse learners in real-world scenarios and engaging role-play activities to build learner confidence and competence.



The frontline training tool is designed to be highly interactive, relevant, and easy-to-follow. It’s fast to create and even faster to complete leading to higher completion rates and employee satisfaction scores. 

eduMe key stats: 

  • 98% workforce satisfaction score
  • 79% training engagement rate
  • 2 minute average completion time

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eduMe personalized learning paths

Forget one-size-fits-all training, eduMe delivers pain-free personalization that’s automatically curated to each and every one of your employees.

Knowledge Hubs let you bring all the relevant training together into one location that’s easily tailored according to roles and needs, so learners can instantly access the learning content they need. Unlike Axonify, there’s limited searching required - all the information your frontline employees need to succeed is just a tap away.

Knowledge Hubs - Desktop Creation Mock-Up (1)

Automated data syncing keeps your people data updated in real-time so you can keep track of key metrics, including completion rates, refreshers, and more. Where eduMe has the edge over Axonify is that learning is also triggered based on feedback and user behavior to drive better results for your team.

Smart Teams Marketing GIF (1)

Someone got a bad customer review? Training is automatically shared on how to improve customer service to find out what they can do to fix their mistakes and improve before the next customer interaction. Using this mechanism resulted in a 10% uptick in customer ratings for Uber.

Learn how Uber increased driver partner ratings by 10% - read the full case study to find out how the leading rideshare platform uses eduMe to train their driver partners.

eduMe out-of-the-box integrations

Where eduMe really wins is in the wide range of out-of-the-box integrations available to reduce digital friction and make training a seamless part of every work day. Don’t make your learners go searching for content in another app they have to download or set up, just offer eduMe’s passwordless access directly in your chosen platform.

Integrate with the tools you already have, including:

Organizations can also integrate eduMe into their branded platforms to provide quick, flexible training solutions and get higher return on investment.

Check out how US food delivery platform GrubHub utilized eduMe’s integration with Braze to embed onboarding content into targeted email flows, helping to deliver essential knowledge to their driver base and hit a 15% increase in start rates and 60% increase in feature adoption. Read the full case study.


  • Passwordless access to training at the point of need
  • Engage employees with social media style short-form video content
  • Scenario videos for real-world applications and activities
  • AI-powered tools for faster content creation
  • Automatically curated training content
  • Personalized learning triggered based on feedback
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with the tools you use every day


  • Doesn’t support long-form training content
  • Less suitable for desk-based workers
  • Limited in-app messaging features


All eduMe Enterprise pricing is tailored to your organization. To get a personalized quote for your team, get in touch. Not ready to speak to our reps yet? Check out our video demo. #

2. Cornerstone

With over 7000 customers worldwide, Cornerstone is a top Axonify competitor that’s dedicated to holistic people experiences. Rather than focusing exclusively on frontline training, Cornerstone aims to provide organizations with more flexible learning and development solutions, giving employees the chance to define their learning needs and tailor training based on their career goals.

Here are 3 key features of Cornerstone’s platform to see if it’s the right fit for you:

Cornerstone Skills Graph

While Axonify offers comprehensive employee training for frontline teams, Cornerstone takes a more holistic approach to learning and development, providing a detailed picture of the existing skills in your workforce and making it easier to identify skill gaps.

Using AI-driven analytics, Cornerstone’s Skills Graph feature gives you the insights you need to understand where to invest in employee training, with emphasis on employee skill development and career mobility. The Skills Graph includes over 53K skills across 15 different languages to fit any context or organization. 

Cornerstone puts special emphasis on helping employees define their own career paths and find the learning modules they need to reach their goals with self-driven skill paths embedded in the platform.

Cornerstone collaborative learning

Cornerstone specializes in collaborative learning, giving organizations the chance to create social learning spaces with internal experts, mentors, and academies. Cornerstone’s Opportunity Marketplace helps employees connect with others based on their experience and interests.

cornerstone opportunity marketplace

Cornerstone is a strong Axonify competitor for organizations looking to build more motivated, engaged teams with employees who can choose which areas they want to specialize and upskill in. Their focus on personalized learning paths puts the power in the hands of employees to help them learn at their own pace, based on their needs and preferences.

Cornerstone integrations

Cornerstone also rivals Axonify in its integration capabilities. Cornerstone’s Edge connectivity tools are designed to make configurations within the Cornerstone platform and mobile app easier, faster, and more efficient.

Access a wide range of integrations with Cornerstone’s Edge Marketplace to extend the functionality of the Cornerstone platform and mobile app and use their library of 3rd party integrations to get more of the features you need for employee training. 

For example, organizations can integrate Coursera for Business to add additional training features to the Cornerstone portal. Cornerstone also offers data migration support to make it simple to transfer your company data over to the platform. 


  • Highly personalized learning paths
  • AI-driven skill tracking and development tools
  • Get instant insights into existing skills
  • Build collaborative learning spaces with internal experts and mentor
  • Create an Opportunity Marketplace to connect employees


  • Limited microlearning features
  • More focus on skills rather than training outcomes
  • Less suitable for frontline workers 


Available upon request via Cornerstone's website.

3. Tovuti LMS

Founded in 2017, Tovuti LMS is an all-in-one people-first training and learning management system. Create, deliver, and track your employee training programs and take advantage of built-in gamification features to make learning more fun. 

Tovuti LMS offers organizations comprehensive solutions for safety and compliance training, as well as a wide range of social learning elements to boost collaboration within teams.

Here are 3 aspects that make Tovuti LMS a top Axonify competitor:

Tovuti LMS social learning and live events

If you were drawn to Axonify for its social learning and gamification features, Tovuti LMS could be the best Axonify alternative for you. Tovuti’s plug-and-play gamification elements rival Axonify with customizable leaderboards, badges, and certifications. It’s also easy to host live events and virtual classroom sessions with breakout rooms using Tovuti LMS to spark more creativity, encourage discussions, and bring teams together - no matter where your employees are working from.

12 Best Gamification LMSs to Improve Learner Engagement & Productivity  [2023 List]

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Tovuti’s existing gamification features, you can also choose from their toolkit of 3rd party plug-ins to extend the functionality of your employee training platform and engage remote workers.

Tovuti LMS automated compliance training

Where Tovuti excels as an Axonify alternative is in its compliance training. Tovuti’s compliance LMS offers pre-built multimedia compliance content and courses, with gamified features to help you build a safer, more prepared workforce.

Educate your workforce at scale with Tovuti’s low-cost compliance and ethics content. Tovuti’s compliance LMS provides standardized training to speed up the certification process for employees. Their compliance solution is also automated so you can easily scale your compliance training program to get more employees qualified without added input from admin and L&D teams. Minimize stress with automatic course enrollments, renewal dates, certifications, reporting, and more.

Tovuti LMS tracking and reporting

Tovuti offers organizations a no-code employee training solution with a wide range of tracking and reporting tools to make administration a breeze. Admins can segment and group employees with unlimited user groups and sub-groups to mirror the structure of your organization. Keep your employees up-to-date with group reminders and in-app push notifications to share relevant information to the right people.

Unlike Axonify, Tovuti LMS is also suited to small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprises. It offers flexible, while-labeling options for a wide range of use cases, making it a one-stop-shop that’s ideal for SMEs. But some Tovuti users have complained it’s less suited to handling and distributing large amounts of material, for example, resource-heavy training and course content.


  • Pre-built gamification features and 3rd party plugins
  • Host live events and virtual classrooms
  • Automated compliance and ethics training
  • Branding and white labeling available
  • Wide range of API integrations


  • Fewer features tailored to frontline workers
  • Better suited to desk-based workers
  • Limited functionality for resource-heavy training


Pricing for the Tovuti Professional plan starts at $11,160 for 1 Year and up to 50 users with a $2.5K setup fee. Contact Tovuti for a custom quote.

Final verdict on the best Axonify alternatives

There’s no doubt that Axonify is a solid frontline training solution for enterprises. But if you’re looking for Axonify alternatives, you’re probably not satisfied with the features and functionality Axonify has to offer. 

The exact Axonify alternative that’s going to be right for you will depend on your training and development goals, your learner profiles, your industry, and more. If you’re looking to improve learner engagement and deliver seamless, personalized learning experiences to your frontline employees at the point of need, eduMe is the number one Axonify competitor you need on your radar.

Give your employees access to highly relevant, bite-sized microlearning modules in social-media style formats that are sticky and addictive to boost completion rates and increase employee satisfaction. Integrate employee training into the tools your team uses every day to reduce digital friction and fit training into the flow of work.

Make frontline training a breeze to spend less time on learning and more time delivering best-in-class customer experiences and building more efficient, productive workplaces.

Want to see how it works? Book a time with the team for a personalized demo 👇