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Uber & eduMe Case Study: Part 2 - Moving to a continuous learning journey


Uber has been using eduMe’s microlearning platform to onboard driver partners in markets across Europe, Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. The results are documented in a previous case study, showing that onboarding times decreased by 13% for driver partners who used eduMe, compared to those who attended in-person sessions.

Having seen the efficacy of eduMe’s mobile-first platform for onboarding training, Uber decided to expand its use to ongoing training. This decision was brought about by the following factors:

  • A desire to provide easily accessible training to continue to improve rider experiences and create more opportunities for driver partners to earn money.

  • The goal of reducing the pressure on Uber’s centres by moving from in-person to online training.

  • Feedback from drivers who completed the onboarding course where many requested that they receive regular ‘refresher’ courses direct to their mobiles.

The eduMe low friction self-registration flow is ideal for companies like Uber.


Uber measured eduMe's impact by comparing users before and after using eduMe, and by comparing eduMe to in-person training.

  • Increased productivity: the eduMe group increased productivity by 8% as measured by supply hours

  • Improved quality:

    • the eduMe group achieved higher ratings, as measured after the first 50 rated trips, and across their average lifetime, compared to the in-person group.

    • The eduMe group improved retraining attendance by 25% and decreased reactivation time by 30% compared to in-person sessions.

    • They also improved their ratings by 7% after using eduMe

  • Happier drivers: Driver-partner satisfaction increased by 8% after using the eduMe platform compared to a decrease when attending in-person sessions.

  • Cost savings: By providing information through a mobile platform, eduMe is able to significantly reduce the pressure on Uber’s support centre, resulting in cost as well as time savings.

As a result of this proven business impact, the eduMe platform has subsequently been selected as the main training platform for Uber across the EMEA region, covering 42 countries.

Download the case study