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What's new in eduMe? AI-powered content creation, Manager Insights and Whatsapp delivery


Our mission has and always will be making it easier for you to reach your frontline learners, and the eduMe team has been hard at work bringing you even more options for streamlined content delivery, creation and reporting.

New eduMe AI features are bringing you even more ways to create and optimize content at scale, while improvements to notifications open up new channels in which to deliver training at the point of need. Not to mention the introduction of Manager Insights, designed to increase visibility and drive higher engagement. 

Read on to find out more and discover what else is new in eduMe this month.

eduMe AI ✨

We’re constantly bringing new updates and improvements to eduMe AI to help you create, ideate and deliver content faster. Here are three new AI-powered features we’ve released that you can get started with right now. 

Multi-lesson generation 🪄

Multi-Lesson Generation - eduMe AI (1)

Lesson generation just got even more powerful. Whether it’s using existing training materials or typing in a few simple prompts, admins can now generate multiple lessons at the same time and create an entire course in a matter of seconds.

With just a course title and an uploaded PDF, eduMe AI can suggest up to five lessons titles and descriptions. Once you’re happy - these titles and descriptions can be tweaked as you like - our AI tool will generate a fully formed course that’s tailored to the information you’ve provided.

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Images in AI-generated lessons 🖼️

eduMe AI - image generation

No more having to search far and wide for relevant visuals. With more images added to the eduMe library, we can now automatically match images to all AI-generated lessons. 

Prefer to choose yourself? Not to worry, you can also switch out the images we’ve suggested either by selecting something else from the library or uploading your own. 

eduRating 🌟


Take the guesswork out of creating impactful training with eduRating - our learning science-backed content assistant designed to improve the quality of your lesson content. 

Our learning team has spent years advising frontline businesses on training best practices, and helping them maximize the impact of their investment. Now, we’ve used these insights to create an on-demand training expert, available to you in just one click. 

eduRating provides your lesson with a quality score, highlighting the strengths of your content and letting you know where and what you can improve, helping you provide high quality training to your team on the first shot.

Smart Teams are even more powerful 💪

Smart teams update

Smart Teams have had a big upgrade: score-based rules for eduMe events.

This enhancement lets you create specific audiences of users who are underperforming in certain areas, identifying users who have scored below a certain percentage in any course with quizzes or assessments.

With this information you can automatically assign these users to targeted content, ensuring that every team member receives the support they need to excel. 

And that’s not all. Admins will be excited to hear that you can now edit your Smart Teams after they’ve been created, reducing the manual work needed to make changes to your learner audiences.

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Notifications 🔔

At eduMe, we know that the way in which you deliver your training is just as important as the content itself. Which is why we’ve been working on bringing you even more ways to reach your learners where they are, in a way that suits them.

Whatsapp delivery ✉️

Whatsapp Notification

Big news: you can now deliver eduMe content via Whatsapp. 

We know that Whatsapp is a key communication tool for many of our customers. With this update, you can now give your learners one-tap, passwordless access to courses, Guides and Knowledge Hubs within the tool they use most - thus ensuring higher engagement. 

Whatsapp notifications are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and PT (Brazil).

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Beekeeper notifications 🐝

Beekeeper Notification

Our Beekeeper customers will be happy to hear that you can now send and schedule notifications about eduMe content through the Beekeeper app. 

Let your learners know about new content, introduce them to priority lessons in their Knowledge Hub, and remind them to complete their training. 

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Notification scheduling and custom SMS copy 🗓️

Notification Scheduling

Want to send out notifications on a particular day, or at a specific time? Good news - you can now schedule the delivery of your training content in advance.

We’ve also introduced the ability to set custom text for SMS notifications, allowing you to personalize the delivery of your content as needed.

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Manager Insights 🔍

Manager Insights

Many frontline companies have told us how difficult it is for already overstretched managers to keep track of their teams’ training activities, let alone across departments and locations. 

With the introduction of Manager Insights, you can give your line managers actionable insights on workforce performance. Weekly training reports are delivered weekly to managers via SMS and email, giving them greater visibility of how their teams are performing and identifying where there might be knowledge gaps.

Passwordless access to an insights dashboard also gives managers the ability to compare performance across departments and regions, as well as pull up more detailed reports on individual employees.

By providing instant access to helpful insights, you can support your managers in driving training adoption and secure a higher ROI on your investment.