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Product launches June 2023 - File to Lesson AI Converter & Content Regenerator

Sarah Thorpe
Sarah Thorpe

One of the biggest challenges L&D content creators face is lack of time and team resource, so we're continually working to improve this by introducing features that will save you time and  help you create great training content.

Take a look at some of our latest features including AI-assisted file conversion and new lesson generation tools, as well as reporting for unpublished courses and more.

More creator support with eduMe AI (Beta)

Convert processes and documents into lessons in seconds


Media-rich training that's bitesized is more effective at engaging learners than lengthy, text-based documents. But many clients have existing materials in these formats. To transform them into more digestible training takes a lot of time - sifting through content, picking out what is relevant, and rearranging it all into a finished, new product. 

This is why we’re introducing the file-to-lesson converter, now available when creating an AI-generated lesson. Upload your own documents and processes as a PDF and eduMe AI will create a lesson based on your content. Here are a few ways we think you’ll find it useful:

Bring your existing content into eduMe instantly

Quickly import your existing training into eduMe without having to replicate it, and reduce the time it takes to transform your existing long-form content into an engaging micro-learning format.

Break down lengthy processes into quick lessons

eduMe AI uses our best practice expertise to turn pages upon pages into short snappy lessons. Extract the most important details without having to sift through documents manually, and auto-generate content that already has the principles of learning science baked into it.

Generate new training ideas based on your content

Make your training go a step beyond what it originally was. Let eduMe AI identify new topics to add to lessons you may have previously missed, and suggest key ideas to cover.

Adjust lesson tone and number of quiz questions included

Preview and regenerate

To give you more control and flexibility when creating lessons with AI, you can now preview the content and make adjustments before moving on to the lesson editor.

Choose from four different tone of voice options - professional, fun, motivating and casual - and set how many questions you’d like to see in your quiz, then click try again to regenerate the content.

Learn more from our Help Center about How to create an AI-generated lesson.

Drag and drop for image and video uploads

Untitled design (3)

Nothing will put a downer on your creative flow like having to click through endless folders just to upload that one image that’s already sitting on your desktop 😒  

It’s time we changed that!

When adding media to a course, you can now upload your media files in one quick swoop by dragging your images or videos direct into the admin panel.

View completions for unpublished lessons via API


Need to take a look back on reporting data for inactive courses? With our latest API release, you can now view completion data for unpublished courses as well as published ones.

This applies to the following endpoints:

Take a look at our API documentation here for more information.

Clearer lesson exit text 

New exit lesson copy

We’ve made it easier for learners to recognise when leaving a lesson will cause them to lose their progress.

If they're only part way through an activity, they'll now be alerted that their progress won't be saved before they confirm they want to exit.