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Ride Hailing App Gett Use eduMe to Onboard New Drivers


We are very pleased to announce Gett, a corporate transportation company that connects business customers to ground travel services, is using eduMe to train, engage and motivate its international network of drivers.

Andrew Carpenter, Gett’s Driver Engagement Manager, said of the partnership: 

“Delivering information and training to drivers in a motivational way has always been a passion of our driver team. It's nice to finally have a platform which not only encourages this but also elevates it to another level. Thank you eduMe for showing us what the future looks like!”

We look forward to collaborating with Gett to achieve Workforce Success. 🚀

About Gett

Gett is a transportation company that provides on-demand and pre-booked services to businesses and individuals. Founded in 2010, today Gett operates in over 135 cities across the U.K., the U.S., Israel and Russia with over 15,000 corporations.

Gett are revolutionizing corporate transport. As well as providing on-demand ride-hailing, taxi, limousine and chauffeur services, they are leading innovation in corporate ground travel, by providing enterprise clients with a collection of vendors, in-country and globally, on a single booking platform. This typically saves 30% of global ground travel costs.

You can access Gett online, or via their iOS  and Android apps.

We spoke to Andrew Carpenter, Gett’s Driver Engagement Manager, to find out more.

What problem are you using eduMe to solve?

Much of my team's time is taken up by training new drivers over the phone. eduMe offers a solution to that by allowing us to send specific training to drivers who would otherwise spend 30 minutes on the phone, learning the same material that we can send through eduMe. This then frees up my team’s time to concentrate on other areas of their role.

Why did eduMe stand out?

We have been approached by 3 or 4 similar platforms over the last few years offering onboarding solutions. eduMe impressed me from the start, not just in the flexibility of the product itself - allowing content to be so easily created, but by the support of the eduMe team. Bradley, one of your representatives, was instrumental in helping us create our training and was always on hand to offer support or advise when creating our onboarding experience.


eduMe and Gett

Gett will be using our Workforce Success platform to onboard and deliver ongoing training and continuous learning to their dispersed network of drivers to supercharge productivity, engagement and customer service.

“To me Workforce Success means my team is equipped to do their role and perform at their best. To keep it a success, we regularly reflect and improve every aspect of our training and onboarding, so we can continue to offer the best driver experience we can. 

I’m most looking forward to utilizing eduMe's potential. It's a channel which paints a clear picture of who's seen and understood the information we've relayed. Having that data at the end can potentially guide our decisions on new features and driver communications in the future. ” - Andrew Carpenter, Driver Engagement Manager

eduMe will enable Gett to make sure that each and every one of their drivers, no matter when they are working, or where, are empowered to perform to the very best of their ability, by having relevant training and communication in the palm of their hands, as well as a voice to be heard 🚀