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eduMe partners with M-KOPA to increase sales force productivity

Matthew Brew
Matthew Brew

eduMe has partnered with M-KOPA, an innovative company that has connected over 500,000 homes to affordable solar power. We’ll be helping M-KOPA to increase the productivity and engagement of its sales force through our mobile training and communication platform.  


The communication aspect will be taken care of by our swipeable, Tinder-esque cards. M-KOPA will use these to send out concise tips, reminders and updates to its dispersed sales reps. When a card gets sent out from HQ, reps will receive a notification and enter the app to check out the latest news. Once they’re up to date, they’ll stay in the app to do a training course or three (think Netflix!). Courses will follow eduMe design principles: short, easy to use and relevant (read more about our approach here).

Off-grid energy access is a fascinating topic and if you’d like to find out more, Hystra and Dalberg have recently released some great reports.